Grant Opportunities for Juvenile Crime Community Prevention

The Kansas Department of Corrections is pleased to announce the release of two new grant opportunities for Juvenile Crime Community Prevention.

These grants will support communities in providing services to youth that are at risk for juvenile delinquency, victimization, and juvenile justice system involvement.

These grants are being made available to both governmental agencies (i.e., counties, judicial districts etc.) as well as community-based agencies and service providers (i.e. non-profits).

Applicants can submit requests for grant funds for both fiscal year 2022 (1/1/22 – 6/30/22) and fiscal year 2023 (7/1/22 – 6/30/23) on these applications.


These grants will have two tracts.

  • The first grant application is for Juvenile Crime Community Prevention for Nonspecific Areas of Prevention with a Matching Fund Requirement. Applications can target any area of juvenile crime prevention and is not limited to any specific priority area. This grant will require a $1-for-$1 local or private funds match.
  • The second grant application is for Juvenile Crime Community Prevention while targeting one of four priority areas (i.e., crossover youth, homeless youth, jobs/workforce development for youth, and runaway youth). This grant will not require matching funds.


Both grants require the development and implementation of evidence-based juvenile crime prevention programs and practices


All applications, including all related documents and completed signatory approval pages, are due October 29, 2021.


If you have questions regarding these grants or need assistance please contact either:


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