Gilligan’s Island Comes To FSCC by Briana Blandamer

Fort Scott Community College Theatre and Music Departments are presenting Gilligan’s Island: The Musical on October 19 and 20 at 7:30 pm and then again on the 21 at 2:00 pm. All show times will be on stage in the Danny and Willa Ellis Family Fine Arts Center.

Tickets are $5 for the community. All students, staff and faculty have free admission to the show.

The show is directed by Allen Twitchell, Head of the Theatre Department and Seth Ernst, Head of the Music Department.

Twitchell chose Gilligan’s Island: The Musical because it had been at least four years or more since FSCC put on a musical. He had checked out a book from the library about the original making of the Gilligan Island series and had read that there was a musical version. He thought it was a great choice to get a musical brought back to FSCC because it has a very small cast number and it is something familiar to the community.

The cast has been working on the show for about six weeks now, with one week left till showtime.

Jared Oshel, former FSCC student from Richmond is playing Skipper. Oshel said, “My favorite part about acting, in general, is the fact that I get to get away from the stresses of life and work and get to come to the stage and become another person for a little while.”

Katelynn Coe, a student at FSCC, is the show’s stage manager. She is in charge of the set making, light and sound cues, and so much more. Katelynn says her favorite part of her job is that she gets to watch a show come to life from the very beginning and watch all the actors bring their individual characters to life in their own way.

The complete cast includes Aiden Ballinger, a freshman from Pleasanton, as Gilligan;  Oshel,  as the Skipper; FSCC instructor Harold Hicks as the millionaire, Thurston Howell; FSCC staff member Karri Johnson as Mrs. Howell; Fayelyn Kmiec, a freshman from Farlington, as movie star Ginger; Jasper Dunn, a sophomore from Whitehall, Wis., as the Professor; Katie Button, a freshman from Fort Scott, as Mary Ann; and Marcus Robinson, a freshman from Paola, as the Alien.

Come out and watch Gilligan’s Island come to life on the stage here at FSCC!

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