Fundraiser For Marsha Lancaster is Feb. 19

Marsha Lancaster. Submitted photo.

Local business owner, Marsha Lancaster, has been in the hospital for over a month, according to her sister Debbie Baxley.

“She went into the hospital at Pittsburg for two to three days, then they took her to Arkansas,” Baxley said.

“Her kidneys were shutting down and they couldn’t find a hospital to take her with COVID (the pandemic virus plaguing the nation and the world),” she said. “They found one in Arkansas and we said just take her to wherever she can get help.”

They have tested Lancaster three times for COVID-19 and each was negative, her sister said.

Lancaster is currently on dialysis every other day and oxygen.

“Her kidneys’ aren’t functioning yet, the doctor said they could kick in any day,” she said. “They have been trying to get her off of oxygen. That’s been going well.”

“We can see her on our cellphone and she looks good when we talk to her,” Baxley said.


Cards can be sent to Marsha at

Regional Springdale NW Medical Center,

609 W. Maple Avenue, 6th floor, attn: Marsha Lancaster

Springdale, Arkansas 72764


Her business is running with the help of others.


The Marsha’s Deli crew on Feb. 10, 2021. From left:  Beverly Lind, Debbie Baxley (sitting) behind Deb is Carla Hamrick, Tom Lancaster, Lisa Bradley,  Shelly Rowe. .Submitted photo.

Her well-known restaurant, Marsha’s Deli, is continuing with the help of staff and family. The restaurant is located at 6 W. 18th in Fort Scott.

Baxley and her daughter, Shelly Rowe, along with Carla Hemrick, and Lisa Bradley “are taking care of the business for her,” Baxley said.

Monday and Tuesday the restaurant was closed due to the ice roads and arctic weather conditions.


A fundraiser has been started for Lancaster.

Meanwhile, a fundraiser has been started for Lancaster.

“We thought being self-employed, there was no way she wouldn’t need help,” Linda Findley who is spearheading the fundraiser said.

The fundraiser is  Friday,  Feb. 19 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Elk’s Building at 111 W. 19th. People are asked to drive to the east door of the building and orders will be taken by helpers. Then the meals will be brought out to the buyer.

It’s a chicken and noodles dinner with mashed potatoes, green beans, and bread for $10 cash or check only.

Pre-ordering is encouraged. Call 620-215-2036 or 816-797-4884.

Findley said she is anticipating serving 500 meals, with over 200 already ordered.

“Numerous people have sent big donations,” Findley said. “Marrone’s of Pittsburg and G & W Foods of Fort Scott has helped with food.”

Helping the day of the fundraiser will be Nancy Maze, Brenda Collinge, Debbie Myers, JoLynne Mitchell, and Adina Findley, Findley said.



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