FSHS singers audition for virtual choir

Students from Left to Right: Karen Primeaux, Jerome Olson, Elizabeth Moore, Jordyn McGhee, Kassandra Farr, & Luke Majors

Six vocalists are preparing for SEKMEA District Choir and KMEA All-State Choir Auditions. Sophomores Kassandra Farr and Elizabeth Moore, and Juniors Luke Majors, Jordyn McGhee, Jerome Olson, and Karen Primeaux are preparing to record auditions.

These auditions typically happen in-person in early November with
subsequent concerts in December and February. Due to pandemic guidelines, this audition process is moving online. Students will prepare two selections until late October when the audition cuts are announced.

Choir directors will record students performing these selections one-on-one and submit them online where they will be adjudicated.

Choirs will be announced later in the school year.

These students are members of the FSHS After School Choir, under the direction of MJ Harper.

Rehearsals have already begun, but interested performers are still welcome to enroll. The FSHS After School Choir meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:15PM.

Students wishing to participate can enroll by scanning the QR
Code on posters at FSHS or by emailing maryjo.harper@usd234.org

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