FSHS Girls Swim Team Competes For First Time: Brings Home 2nd Place

The Fort Scott High School Girls Swim Team, 2021. Submitted photo.

The Fort Scott High School Tigers competed in their first-ever swim meet last night at Turner High School.

The team took second place at the meet with 427 points.

1. KC Piper High 445

2. Fort Scott High School 427

3. Topeka West Girls Swim 245

4. Sumner/Washington/Wyandotte 130
5. Turner High School 37
The  A Medley Relay Team of Ava Steier, Ashley Smith, Alyssa Smith, and Dawna Hudibug took 3rd (2:20.39) and  B Medley Relay Team took 4th: Rylan Mason, Emily Davenport, Anna Hall, and Kourtney Flynn (2:36. 23).
50 Free, Ava Steier (PHS) took 1st with a time of 28.16, Alyssa Smith took 5th with a 30.85, and Dawna Hudibug took 6th at 31.48.
100 Fly, Alyssa Smith took 2nd and Maia Martin took 3rd.
100 Free, Ashley Smith took 3rd.
500 Free Kourtney Flynn placed 2nd.
“A” 200 Free Relay took 2nd and the “B” 200 Free Relay took 5th.
100 Back, Ava Steier took 2nd, Rylan Mason took 4th and Kourtney Flynn took 6th.
100 Breast, Anna Hall took 5, Ashley Smith took 6th and Dawna Hudibug took 7th.
The 400 Free Relay Team took 2nd:  Maia Martin, Rylan Mason, Kourtney Flynn, and Ava Steier.
“One of the best things about swimming is that it is both a team sport and an individual sport at the same time,” Coach Angie Kemmerer said. “The focus for all swimmers is on personal growth which is measured by personal best times.  Last night we saw that with 27 out of 29 entries earning personal best times.”
Coach wanted to highlight a few of those swimmers:
200 Free:  Rylan Mason dropped 11.11 seconds and Maia Martin took off 22 seconds.
50 Free: Taylor Wilcox dropped 2.84 seconds and Katelyn Dancer took off 5.33 seconds.
100 Fly: Alyssa Smith took off 3.41 and Maia Martin dropped 7.45 seconds.
100 Free: Ashley Smith took off 2.43, Annelyse Gilmore dropped 2.91, Taylor Wilcox dropped 16.71 seconds, and Katelyn Dancer 21.02 seconds.
200 Free Relay:  A team dropped 6 seconds.
100 Back:  Rylan Mason took off 3.26 seconds.
100 Breast: Anna Hall dropped 4.55, Dawna Hudiburg took off 2.63, and Ashley Smith dropped 2.67 seconds
“The lady swimming tigers are making history one stroke a time.  Their first season is off to a great start.”
Submitted by Coach Angie Kemmerer

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  1. Off to a great start. The yearbook will look different this year with a new sport added. Congratulations, ladies, and Coach Angie Kemmerer.

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