FS Community Foundation 2020 Grant Cycle Begins

Fort Scott Area Community Foundation announces their grant cycle for 2020

The Fort Scott Area Community Foundation is pleased to announce that the grant cycle for 2020 is here. We will be taking applications from now until August 31st. This year, we will be awarding over $42,000.00 to local not-for-profits for projects to benefit our community. A certain dollar amount of the awards is reserved for projects that benefit our youth. Maximum grant to any one project is $5,000.00.

Applications can be obtained by sending an email to gmotley@banklandmark.com. Please use the same email address to submit any questions you might have. Completed applications must be received by 5:00PM, August 31st.

Grant Application Guidelines

Program Oriented

Do the funds support a new or enhanced service to the community? Generally, Grants are not for the purpose of funding core budget items, capital improvements or the purchase of real estate.

Organizational capacity

Do you have confidence in the organization, as described in the application, to carry out the program?

Soundness of proposed strategies

Will the program adequately address the need as it was described in the application?

Resource efficiency

Is the program taking advantage of available resources? Are they collaborating?

Appropriateness of budget

Will the program use the funds effectively? Is the budget clear and accurate?

Plan for program evaluation

Does the program have the ability to evaluate its successes? How will they monitor the program?

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