FS City Commission: Major Budget Changes

Josh Jones. Submitted photo.
Fort Scott Mayor Josh Jones gave a summary of last night’s budget work session.
“The city presented a proposed budget that includes
1. 3% Raise to employees,
2. 2% reduction in mill levy,
3. $500k improvements to Lake Fort Scott (which will come from the sale of some lake property the city has),
4. $800k added next year for streets (this is from sales tax that was voted on in 2021 but won’t see full funding till 2022),
5. Looked at giving employees potential memberships or reduce rate memberships to city-owned amenities,
6. Looked at giving a bonus to all Public Safety employees,
7. Built-in raises for some areas that had $9 starting wages to $13 to be more competitive in getting more employees and help retention of employees.
“Hopefully this budget will be approved at one of our September meetings,” Jones said.

3 thoughts on “FS City Commission: Major Budget Changes”

  1. I can’t agree with 3% salary increases plus bonuses. In my opinion, it should be one or the other. Maybe calculate what the bonus $ will be, reduce that # by 1/2 and roll those $ into the salary inc.. I would like more specifics on what improvements are needed at Lake Ft Scott. Does the lake property owners have a HOA? Whatever improvements are needed should be funded by the owners, not the city/county folks who may go to the lake once a yr or less..

  2. Hopefully this budget will be reviewed for honest presentation. Revenue neutral means neutral – not a chance that the proposals and keeping $500k from “lake dream” lot price will not result in mil increase and tax increase to tax new valuations. Volunteer fire, police and city staff still won’t get you to revenue neutral.

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