Fort Scott Lightning Strike Caught on Camera

Lightning strike. iphoto.

On  Friday, May 15, 2020, Kansas Gas Service responded to a gas odor call after a report of a lightning strike that damaged two structures in the 600 block of S. National, according to a press release from KGS.

Fort Scott Fire Department and Fort Scott Police Department had National Avenue blocked off between 6th  Street and 7th Street that morning as a result of the gas leak, according to Aimee Moore, who lives in the block that was affected.

Moore had cameras on her house that caught the lightning strike. They are included at the end of this feature.

KGS technicians performed inspections and turned the gas off at two properties until the customers completed necessary repairs to the customer-owned equipment, Dawn Tripp, KGS Media Relations said on Monday afternoon.


“Kansas Gas came out and shut off the gas line before removing the meter,”  Moore, said.  Stoughton Inc. completed the repairs and ran the pressure test.  Fort Scott Code Enforcement personnel gave the okay and  Moore waited until KGS put the meter back and turned it on.


As a reminder, if you smell natural gas or have a natural gas emergency, leave the area immediately. Then call 911 and Kansas Gas Service at 888-482-4950.


Moore submitted the following information and links to the recent lightning strike in Fort Scott.


“Friday, May 15, 2020, at 9:37  a.m., lightning struck Dr. Steve Mitchell’s office at 624 South National Ave and caused a gas leak,” she said.

“The current traveled through our electrical lines and also caused arcing to blow out our gas line at 612 S National Ave.,” Moore said. “Pictures fell off of our wall and also at the florist next to us, Flowers by LeeAnn.”


Moore submitted the following links of the lightning strikes.




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