Fort Scott High School National Forensic Qualifiers

2018-2019 National Qualifiers to compete in Dallas, Texas in June!

Hunter Adamson and Zoe Self – 1st in DUO
Zoe Self – 1st in International Extemp
Mark Adams – 1st in Lincoln Douglas Debate and 
Mark Adams – 2nd in United States Extemp
Elizabeth Ngatia – 1st in Program Oral Interp
Madi Toth – 1st in Program Oral Interp
Neil Gugnani and Shekhar Gugnani – 2nd in Public Forum Debate
Rebekah Sweyko – 1st in United States Extemp
Jonie Antonio – Student Congress Representative

We also had many students who made it to finals round!
Those competitors are:
Jade Russell and Jorden Willard placed 4th in Public Forum Debate
Audra McFarland and Karina Kantilal placed 4th in DUO
Shekhar Gugnani placed 4th in International Extemp
Jade Russell place 6th place in International Extemp
Landon Doherty placed 4th in Lincoln Douglas Debate
Karina Kantilal placed 5th in Program Oral Interp

The students who made it to semi-finals in addition to those listed above are:
Takia Page in United States Extemp
Reaghn Dowell in International Extemp

Way to go TIGERS!!!
2 parts down, 1 to go!

Submitted by Angella Curran

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