Fort Cinema Gets Creative In Offerings

Fort Cinema is located at 224 W. 18th. Submitted photo.

The  COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on movie theaters throughout the nation.

It has also impacted Fort Cinema, located at 224 W. 18th.

“We have lost 70% of our revenue during the same time frame from a year ago,” Brent Cavin, who has worked and managed the theater since 2007, said. “Blockbuster movies continue to be pushed back by studios.”

In spite of this, the cinema owners have had community support.

“The community has been great about supporting us with purchasing of concessions and gift cards. We take it as a sign that our citizens want to make sure the theater remains in Fort Scott.”

Cavin is co-owner of Anderson and Cavin LLC, with his brother-in-law, Chris Anderson, and they have been in talks with the current theater owners, Des and Amanda Hale, about purchasing the theater, he said.

Recently they introduced video game rentals on the big screen.
“It is $100 for two hours, $50 per additional hour,” Cavin said.
Participants must bring in a console that has wireless control to use on the big screen.
“We’ve hosted multiple parties already for: MarioKart, FortNite and Super Smash Brothers,” he said.  “The parties are a great way to gather with family and friends.”
MarioKart, a video game, can now be viewed on the big screen at Fort Cinema. Submitted photo.

The business has been practicing measures to ensure safety for its customers.

The theater requires employees to wear masks during customer interaction, they have put seating gaps in the viewing parties and they “deep sanitize” all heavy traffic areas in-between shows and while open, he said.


“The  (gaming) initiative was created as a means to provide a safe environment to gather and have fun during a pandemic,” he said. ” We have had a few parties already that asked privately if they could connect a console to our projectors. When we realized that the content looked incredible on our screen we decided to go public with the idea. We have had a lot of success with opening our theater to private movie parties in the last few months and wanted to expand upon that premise.”


Rentals take place outside of normal business hours, Monday through Thursday.  A theater can be rented anytime before 4 p.m. or after 8:30 p.m. On Friday through Sunday, they can be rented anytime before 1:30 p.m. or after 8:30 p.m.


Video game rental prices are $100 for two hours, with additional hours at $50 an hour.


Any wireless controller console can work, and WiFi is available for online gaming.


The cinema also offers theater rentals for movies: Classic movies are $100, new releases are $200.


“I would also like the public to know that we are open every day of the week with new movies again,” Cavin said.


Contact on Fort Cinema Facebook page via Messenger, or call (620) 223-3366 during the business hours of 6:00 to 9:00 nightly.

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