Earles Engineering Hired By City of Fort Scott

Peter Earles is the CEO of Earles Engineering. Photo was taken from Earle Engineering Facebook page.

Earles Engineering and Inspection, headquartered in McPherson, KS, was hired on April 1 to assume the positions of project manager and public works director for the City of Fort Scott.

“They were approved last night ( at the April 6 city commission meeting),” Fort Scott City Manager Jeremy Frazier, said. “We are going to be doing some good things. They will be helping us prepare, by having shovel-ready projects.”

“They have 30 employees,” Frazier said. “We feel like we are in good hands, and will move the city forward.”

As a project manager, the scope of work will be working with the city on various projects, according to the contract with the engineering firm, provided by the city.

They will meet with city staff once a week, a maximum of four hours, to review active maintenance projects, review future maintenance projects, answer questions and look at long-term projects, according to the contract.

Dave Blessant will be the lead project manager, with Jason Dickman available for engineering questions. Fees for this will be $85 an hour, billed on a monthly basis.

Rates will increase 3% automatically, beginning January 2022, according to the contract.

All services will be from Earles Engineering office in Pittsburg and therefore will be no travel charges.

The contract period is for one year from April 6, and will automatically be renewed unless notice to terminate is provided.











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