COVID 19 in Bourbon County: 8 More Cases

SEK Multi-County Health Departments

Bourbon County

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

July 8, 2020

From late yesterday evening until this morning, Bourbon County has 8 more positive COVID-19 cases. 2 individuals are contacts of previously listed positive cases. 6 individuals are from out of state and out of county that are currently staying in Bourbon County. The individuals are in isolation. Because of the number of new cases, the investigations are still being conducted and this is all the information that can be released at this time.

Please STAY HOME IF SICK (ie: feeling sick, awaiting COVID-19 test results or instruction from the county health department, if you tested positive for COVID-19, if you were in contact with a positive case, if you were notified to isolate or quarantine), wear a mask when applicable (Bourbon County is following the Governor’s order for mask wearing), practice social distancing, practice good hygiene and avoid touching your face!

Bourbon County

Current Positive Cases 16
Presumptive Cases 1-listed on KDHE website, tested negative
Positive Out of State/County-staying in Bourbon 6
Current Recovered Cases 29-includes presumptive case
Total Positives Since Testing 47
Deaths 1

Recovered cases are based on dates of onset of symptoms, not on day testing results are received.

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