County Property Tax Sale Update

Patty Love
Patty Love, Bourbon County Treasurer, responded to a request for an update on the future property tax sale.
Bourbon County Counselor Justin Meeks mailed out the delinquent property tax letter late last year, she said.
“The tax sale preparation report I sent him had about 425 properties on it,” Love said. ” We have had about 50 properties paid.”
So far, over $308,000 has come back into the county from taxes that were delinquent, she said.
 “The original report had $1,432,285.43 outstanding taxes, 2016 and prior,” Love said.  “We have collected $308,216.92 of these since November 1, 2020.”
There is still an opportunity for those with back taxes due, to keep their property off the tax sale.
“2016 and prior taxes can be paid to keep the property off of the tax sale, up until the date they are filed in court,” she said.  “Once they have been filed in court, all delinquent taxes plus a court fee must be paid to keep it from selling.  The taxpayer has up until 10:00 a.m. the day of the tax sale to redeem the property.”
The tax sale date is unknown currently.
“The date of the tax sale won’t be set until cases are filed in court,” she said.  “At that time we will release a list of all properties on the tax sale.”
“Security 1st Title has completed title work on about 90 of the cases to date,” Love said.   “They are working them in, along with being very busy at this time.”


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