County Accepts Bids on The Kress Building

The Star Emporium Downtown General Store, 17 S. Main, January 2021.

A remodeled downtown building is being sold on August 10 to the highest bidder.

“The Bourbon County Commission took the (Kress) building over… Tuesday, July 13, and on July 19, during a special meeting, the county approved to publicize the sale of the Kress building at 17 S. Main, through a sealed bidding process,” Commissioner Lynne Oharah said.
“At this time BAJA Investments is still the owner of the building,” said Bourbon County Economic Director Rob Harrington. “However they are working with the county at this time to find a new owner of the building.”
“It (the bidding process for the building)) will appear in the paper (The Fort Scott Tribune) three consecutive weeks with the bids being opened on August 10,” Oharah said. “Two scenarios are being advertised. The bids can be for the property and contents or bids can be for the property only.”
Those interested in the property at 17 S. Main should send sealed bids addressed to the Bourbon County Clerk, 210 S National, Fort Scott, KS, 66701 clearly marking the envelope, Oharah said.
The building housed the Star Emporium Downtown General Store from January to May 2021, which was owned by BAJA Investments.
BAJA Investments was granted funds from the Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas program for $450,000 for the project. SPARK grants were a part of the monies given to Kansas from the federal government to help with the ongoing effects of COVID-19, according to a prior interview.
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The Star Emporium Downtown General Store, 17 S. Main.

3 thoughts on “County Accepts Bids on The Kress Building”

  1. What are the “contents of the building”. Nobody seems to have a inventory which is a bit suspicious

    1. A complete inventory does exists. Please check the facts. If you have to use the word “seems”, you haven’t done adequate research enough to comment.

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