Common Ground Open And Has New Drive-Through Window

Brady Masters, Fort Scott,  gives change to a coffee customer at the new Common Ground Coffee Co. ‘drive-through window, which opened March 23.. Courtesy photo.

Common Ground Coffee Co. moved locations a few blocks down and around the corner and  is now located at 12 E. Wall.

A new drive-through window was opened yesterday, March 23 and can be accessed in the alley east of the coffee shop.

“We were closed March 7th-10th and reopened on Wednesday, March 11th,” Kaitlynn Davis, events planner for the coffee company said.  “If you give our Facebook profile a follow at Common Ground Coffee Co., you will be able to find our… menu.”

Menu on the wall of Common Ground Coffee Company. Kenny Felt Photography.

They are not open for the dine-in option currently, because of the emergency disaster declaration from the government due to COVID 19 virus fears.

There is online ordering or a take-out menu can be picked up at the drive-through window, Brady Masters, an employee said.

Approach the new drive-thru window from  First Street in the alley between National Avenue and Main St.

“You will have to dodge some holes, poles and a dumpster but it will be worth it,” according to the Common Ground Coffee Company Facebook page.

“All you have to do is give Common Ground Coffee a call at 620-223-2499, and we will be more than happy to serve you,” Davis said. The hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Common Ground Coffee Company, 12 E. Wall. Kenny Felt Photography.

“The current up to date menu for Common Ground Coffee Company is on our website, which is,” Davis said.


“We have 17 hard-working employees…” Davis said.  “All of our employees are put through a training process that takes place in Kansas City, Kansas. They all learn specialized skills in Kansas City that they bring to the coffee shop and use to serve our beloved costumers.”

Common Ground Coffee Company, 12 E. Wall. Kenny Felt Photography.

The owner of Common Ground is the Fort Scott Nazarene Church, the owners of the newly restored building in which it is housed are Adam and Jennifer LaRoche, Davis said.

Common Ground is a non-profit organization owned by Fort Scott Church of the Nazarene. They strive to unite the community by providing a “Common Ground” experience.

“All who wish to stop in, newcomers and regulars alike, are welcome as they partner with us to benefit our community with all profits made,” according to its’ Facebook page.

Common Ground Coffee Company, 12 E. Wall. Kenny Felt Photography.

Did You Display Art Work At the Former Coffee Shop Site?

The former coffee shop space had many artist’s paintings displayed.  The paintings were not able to move with the shop.

See their Facebook page for photos of the artwork that is looking for its’ owner.

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