City Manager: Buck Run Warming Center

Jeremy Frazier. Submitted photo.
The Arctic weather has brought possible outages to the region.
The City of Fort Scott personnel has worked to provide a place for people, should they need it.
“The warming center/station that is being established at the Buck Run Center is a location that we have identified as suitable for emergency warming needs,” Fort Scott City Manager Jeremy Frazier said in an email interview. “This location will not include service.”
Buck Run Community Center is located at 735 Scott Avenue.
“That means that, at this time, we do not anticipate serving drinks or food,” he said.  “However there is significant space and we do have 50 cots available for immediate access and additional cots available as needed off-site that can be brought to the location. Additionally, we would provide as many blankets as are needed.”
Frazier noted that even though the Buck Run Community Center is scheduled to close at 9 p.m. this evening, if needed, individuals can contact the Fort Scott Police Department dispatch at 911 non-emergency and a staff member will be available to allow immediate access.
“We have been advised that there will be rolling blackouts,” Frazier said.  “This means that the Southwest Power Pool and its partners which include Evergy, will institute phased outages to manage electricity and utility demand as necessary. If and when this occurs we ask that residents allow 30 minutes to 1 hour BEFORE they consider relocating to Buck Run if they determine that a need to relocate to a warmer location/facility is necessary.”
“In the event of power blackouts the majority of the facility will be without power with the exception of the northernmost basketball court area,” Frazier said.  “This area will serve as the room reserved for heating purposes. Therefore all other operations and uses will be suspended during an electric blackout.”

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