CDC’s Updated Mask Guidance

Governor Laura Kelly’s Statement Addressing the Updated CDC Guidance

TOPEKA – The following can be attributed to Governor Laura Kelly regarding the CDC’s updated mask guidance: 

“While we are still reviewing the new guidance and what it means for Kansas, this administration has consistently followed the recommendations from the experts at the CDC – and we don’t intend to stop. Right now Kansas is at a crossroads. The new Delta variant has caused COVID-19 to surge in our communities and some of our hospitals are moving towards capacity. The bad news is that parts of our state fall into the “hot spot” category for new cases, the good news is we have a vaccine to protect us from the virus that is safe, effective against severe illness, hospitalization and death, and free. I strongly urge every Kansan who isn’t vaccinated to get one right away. That is the best way to stop the spread of COVID in our state. For those who are vaccinated, I ask that you speak with your friends, neighbors, and loved ones who are unvaccinated and encourage them to get vaccinated to protect themselves and our state.”

3 thoughts on “CDC’s Updated Mask Guidance”

  1. If the vaccine keeps people from getting the vaccine, why are they now asking people to wear masks? This is bunch of lies. One lie right after another.

    1. I’m sorry, if the vaccine keeps people from getting the COVID why are we being asked to wear masks. Many people who have had the vaccine are now getting the COVID.

  2. Please get you vaccination now. Call CHCSEK, SEKMCHD, Walgreens and Walmart to schedule your shot. You can also go online to and find a vaccination location near you. Vaccines are now available for anyone ages 12 to forever old. If you still have doubts about the safety of the vaccines, please call a trusted medical provider or nurse. We need to end this pandemic.

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