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Law Enforcement Center Readying For Inmates

The new Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center is being readied for inmates, likely in the next two weeks, according to Sheriff Bill Martin.

The Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center is nearly ready for inmates, Sheriff Bill Martin said Thursday.

The new center is located at 293 E. 20th Street, just east of Briggs Auto  Dealership on Hwy. 69.

“Hopefully within a couple of weeks we’ll be moving in,” Martin said. “Some electrical issues are being addressed, which should fall under warranty work.”

The sheriff gave a tour of the new facility:

Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin works at his desk Thursday morning at the new law enforcement center.
Shane Walker, the Bourbon County Information Technology Director brings in more supplies to the law enforcement center Thursday morning.
Some of the BCSO staff are getting trained on the new software at the center.
Deputy Zach Ross works on a report at the center.
Lesley Herrin, administrative secretary mans the front office.
BCSO Major Bobby Reed addresses billing issues Thursday morning in his office.
Sheriff Martin demonstrates how the evidence locker works.
The sheriff arranges the furniture in one of the interview rooms at the facility.
Pictured is the interview room where a judge at the Bourbon County Courthouse can talk to individuals about their charges. The technology was purchased through a JAG grant of $20,000, Sheriff Martin said.
The sheriff demonstrates how all the cells can be viewed from the control room in a direct line of sight, something that couldn’t happen at the old jail, he said.
One of the inmate cell pods.
Inside one of the inmate cells, a spartan bunk bed with toilet and shower.
The activity room for inmates, ventilated with fresh air by a big vent to the outside. By law, inmates are required to get fresh air daily.
Unused space for possible future cell pods for inmates.
This space is reserved for honor inmates as a result of good behavior. They also get extra privileges, such as getting outside the facility to do community service work.
Inmates will be doing the laundry of the facility because the laundry room is secure, unlike the old jail.
The refrigeration systems are installed and following the state fire marshall’s approval, meals can start being cooked.
The medical area for inmates.
The booking area of the facility.
The lockdown cell, for inmates who haven’t followed the rules of the facility.
Framed art in the sheriff’s office space entitled “Sheriff-America’s Peacekeeper” by artist Doug Lindauer. Sheriff Bill Martin’s shadow can be seen reflected from the windows.
A piece of artwork on the wall at the law enforcement center given the sheriff by his wife, Wendy, which he donated to the sheriff’s office.