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FSCC Nursing Program donates medical supplies

Fort Scott Community College (FSCC) Department of Nursing has been fortunate enough to be able to give back to people of Fort Scott and the surrounding communities during this time of uncertainty. The FSCC Department of Nursing was able to donate the following to Ascension Via Christi in Fort Scott:

  • 20,000 gloves of various sizes
  • 1,100 ear-loop masks
  • 250 pairs of shoe covers
  • 100+ N95 masks
  • 100+ isolation gowns
  • 7 face shields
  • 12 disposable stethoscopes.

It is a true honor to be in the position that we are able to donate these supplies to those healthcare superheroes so they are adequately able to care for our community,” says Jordan Howard, Director of FSCC.

All of FSCC’s classes have recently moved to an online base learning including the Nursing Program for the remainder of the semester. The technical/hands-on classes such as FSCC Nursing, John Deere, Welding, etc. do have the ability to do simulations online that mimic real-life scenarios. Because of that, the FSCC Nursing Department wanted to put their unused medical supplies to good use.

We definitely want to help keep our frontline ER personnel safe and are more than happy to support our local healthcare needs with the supplies,” says Alysia Johnston, FSCC President.

To view FSCC’s COVID-19 EAP and any other updates, please visit


Where The Bo Co Resident With COVID 19 Frequented

SEK Multi-County Health Departments

Bourbon County, Kansas



March 24, 2020;

The Bourbon County, Kansas resident who tested positive for COVID-19, on 3/22/20, had recently frequented Fort Scott’s Walmart store and a local bank. These locations have been notified and are taking precautions to prevent any spread of COVID-19.They also visited the Kansas City, Kansas area and Independence, Kansas, within the last 2 weeks.

This is all the information that will be released on the resident, unless other areas of contact are identified.

The Bourbon County Health Department is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will continue to update the public with current information.

As on previous notices, please continue to follow COVID-19 precautions with social distancing (greater than 6 feet for less than 10 minutes) and proper hygiene practices.

Please contact the Bourbon County Health Department for questions or concerns (620)223-4464. You can also look for updates on the Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Dept. Facebook page, the Bourbon County Corona Virus Updates Facebook page. Or you may also contact the COVID-19 hotline at (866)534-3463.

SEK Multi-County Health Department Administrator

Bourbon County Public Health Officer

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Kansas Test Results

March 24, 2020 Public Update
For more information:

Updated 3/24/20 at 11 a.m.

Total Positive Cases
Private Labs
Kansas Health and Environmental Lab (KHEL)
Deaths (included in above numbers)
Out-of-State Resident Positive Cases*
(not counted in Kansas numbers)

Total Negative Cases for Kansans

Positive Case Information
County Number

Linn County
Butler County
Cherokee County
Mitchell County**
Morris County
Douglas County**
Reno County
Jackson County
Johnson County
Leavenworth County
*Ford and Miami Counties reported positive cases in out-of-state residents.
**Douglas and Mitchell Counties had incorrect numbers in their updates for 3/23/20. It should have read Douglas County—6; Mitchell County—1 for a collective total of 79 for 3/23/20.



Age Range
Age range on patients is 7 to 90 years of age, with a median age of 52.

CHC/SEK Responds to COVID 19

UPDATE 03/24/20

CHC/SEK IS RESPONDING TO COVID-19 The COVID-19 situation is challenging each of us in different ways. For the staff at CHC/SEK, “business as usual” has always meant constantly trying to improve and find new and better ways to care for our patients.

This week we made several procedural changes in response to the virus. You will see tents in front of some of our clinics, and a screening nurse will greet you at all locations.

Nurses will ask you a few questions, and possibly take your temperature before you enter the clinic. The reason is to identify any potential COVID-19 patients before they enter, so we can properly treat them with minimum exposure to other patients and our clinical staff. In some cases, COVID-19 testing may take place in the patient’s vehicle rather than inside the clinic.

Public Health Officials are emphasizing that not everyone can, or needs, to be tested. Potential COVID-19 patients must meet specific guidelines that include specific symptoms and risk actors as directed by the CDC and state health departments. Our Nurse-staffed information line is now open 24-hours a day to answer health questions and screen patients concerned about exposure to the virus. The toll-free number is 866.888.8650.

We also understand that as the virus pandemic continues, we must continue to provide our “normal” health care services with as little interruption as possible.

We are now seeing some patients through eVisits. Patients can be “seen” by their health care provider from home via a smartphone or other device using an internet or data connection. E-visits are a convenient option for patients who are generally in good health, and more routine visits. Call us at your regular clinic number to ask about eVisits.

We’re also shifting appointment times in some locations, with “well” or routine visits in the mornings (or afternoons), and ill, or symptomatic patients on the opposite schedule with the idea of minimalizing exposure risks.

In Pittsburg, we will soon be diverting well-child visits with our pediatricians to our mobile clinic, called the KidCare Connection. We want to keep your healthy child’s examinations and vaccinations on schedule in the safest environment possible. The bus will be parked at 3011 N. Michigan, on the north side of our clinic.

Finally, Apothecare pharmacies at the Pleasanton, Fort Scott, and Pittsburg locations are providing free same-day delivery by vehicle or delivery by mail for prescriptions. CHC/SEK will continue to provide updates as they unfold.

Ascension Via Christi no longer allowing visitation with few exceptions


As of noon today, Ascension Via Christi Hospital will be enacting additional visitation restrictions designed to protect patients and staff as COVID-19 has reached Southeast Kansas and a growing number of surrounding counties.

This includes our Emergency Department in Fort Scott, which is also no longer allowing visitors. Exceptions for the following units, where one visitor will be allowed in:
● Labor and Delivery
● Pediatrics
● Pre- and Post-operative Care

These visitors must meet the screening criteria being employed at the entry points, which for visitors are limited to the main lobby, ER and, at St. Francis, second-floor entrance from the parking garage.

End-of-life visitation needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Everyone else is encouraged to lend their support through the use of virtual platforms, such as Facebook or Skype.

“We appreciate the role family plays in the healing process and the importance of the presence of loved ones during family milestones,” said Randy Cason, President of Ascension Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg. “However, our first priority continues to be protecting our patients and staff and helping slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community.”


About Ascension Via Christi

In Kansas, Ascension Via Christi operates seven hospitals and 75 other sites of care and employs more than 6,000 associates. Across the state, Ascension Via Christi provided more than $33.6 million in community benefit and care of persons living in poverty in fiscal year 2019. Serving Kansas for more than 135 years, Ascension is a faith-based healthcare organization committed to delivering compassionate, personalized care to all, with special attention to persons living in poverty and those most vulnerable. Ascension is one of the leading non-profit and Catholic health systems in the U.S., operating 2,600 sites of care – including 150 hospitals and more than 50 senior living facilities – in 20 states and the District of Columbia. Visit

Non-Essential Businesses Closed, Restrictions Put In Place For Others Following First COVID 19 Report In Bourbon County

Rebecca Johnson, SEKMCHD Director.

Following the notification of the first COVID 19 positive test in Bourbon County, officials are requiring more stringent measures.


“We were saddened to learn of the resident in Bourbon County, KS who tested positive for COVID-19,” according to the Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Department Facebook page.  “The resident and their family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Let’s use this time to all work towards the same goal of preventing the spread of the virus further. This will not be easy, nor very enjoyable, but for the health and future of our communities, we must at least try. Thank you for your continued support and understanding, as we continue to serve our counties.”

This morning on the City of Fort Scott Facebook page, Bourbon County Public Health Officer Rebecca Johnson said:

“Daycares should not take any new enrollees from out of county.

Hotels increase cleaning and disinfecting practices especially after every person checks out.

School staff, food service workers, and volunteers will be allowed to provide, prepare and deliver meals. Social distancing greater than six feet and less than 10 minutes shall be enforced.

There will be more guidelines to follow.”

The following was an order published at  8 p.m.last evening on March 22, 2020, by Bourbon County Public Health Officer Johnson.

The following actions are officially implemented by the Bourbon County Public Health Officer and shall be in official force and effect at 8:00 PM on Sunday, March 22, 2020.

This order shall remain in effect until modified or rescinded by the Public Health Officer.

This Order is made under the powers granted the Local Public Health Officer in KSA 65-119 et seq. and the Emergency Declarations of the governments of the United States, the State of Kansas, and Bourbon County, as well as the Home Rule powers of Bourbon County under state statute.

Bourbon County is now restricting or prohibiting business activities for all non-essential businesses and is making recommendations for essential business functions as follows:

Essential Businesses

The following have been determined to be essential business functions for Bourbon County:

Grocery Stores shall be allowed to remain open to the public for business to supply needed food and supplies to the citizens of Bourbon County. It is recommended that these stores take precautions to reduce in-person contacts as much as possible, maintain social distancing (6 foot or more) when practical, and consider using curb-side service whenever possible.

Convenient Stores/Gas Stations shall remain open to the public.

It is recommended that these stores take precautions to reduce in-person contacts as much as possible, maintain social-distancing (6 foot or more) when practical, and shall eliminate gathering places within the store to prevent social grouping activities.

Funeral Homes are allowed to remain open but efforts should be made to reduce numbers (family only gatherings recommended) and shall work to limit crowds and shall strive to maintain the recommended social distancing as described above.

Health Care Facilities and Providers/Veterinary Clinics shall remain open and use social distancing and other techniques as applicable to help prevent the virus spread.

Providers may want to have patients/customers stay in cars until their turn to avoid waiting area congestion and issues with maintaining social distancing.

Utility Providers shall be allowed to remain open.

It is recommended that providers take steps to limit work-to-worker interactions to help reduce the chance for losing multiple workers and/or causing utility disruptions. Calls for service to individual residences should be pre-screened before entering those locations.

Banks & Pharmacies shall be allowed to remain open for business. Whenever possible, it is recommended to close lobbies and inside operations and use the drive-through’ s to conduct necessary business. People who are allowed to come inside the business should be prescreened before allowing entry.

Non-Essential Businesses (Allowed Open with Restrictions)

The following businesses have been determined to be non-essential businesses as related to this pandemic, however, they will be allowed to remain open with the following restrictions as described below.

These restrictions shall be implemented by no later than noon, Monday, March 23, 2020, and shall remain in a restricted status until this order is rescinded by the Public Health Officer.

Parts Stores/Lumber Yards/Hardware Stores shall be allowed to remain open, however, public access to the inside of the store shall be prohibited. These businesses should use delivery or curb-side service and maintain social distancing as much as possible during those activities.

Bars/Restaurants-These businesses shall be allowed to remain open for business, however, public access to the inside of the bar/restaurant shall be prohibited. These businesses should use delivery or curb-side service and maintain social distancing as much as possible during those activities.

Manufacturing-Manufacturing businesses shall be allowed to remain open, however, public access to the facilities shall be prohibited. All efforts should be made to maintain social distancing between workers whenever possible.

Agricultural Business shall be allowed to remain open, however, public access to the inside of the store shall be prohibited. These businesses should use delivery or curb-side service and maintain social distancing as much as possible during those activities.

Automotive Repair Shops shall be allowed to remain open, however, public access to the buildings and facilities shall be extremely limited. All efforts should be made to maintain social distancing between individual workers and between workers and customers whenever possible.

Other Retail Sales not identified above may remain in operation but the business shall keep doors closed and restrict business to one customer at a time inside the store. Examples include liquor stores, gun stores, pawn shops, and other similar business types.

Non-Essential Businesses (Closed/Shut-Down)

The following businesses types have been determined to be non-essential as related to the pandemic and shall be closed/shut down no later than noon, Monday, March 23, 2020, and shall remain shut until this order is rescinded by the Public Health Officer:

Barber/Beauty Shops shall be shut down as there is no practical way to maintain social distancing.

Fitness Centers/Gyms shall be shut down.

Libraries“-We appreciate the fact that the library in Bourbon County has already voluntarily shut down to help assist lessening the spread of COVID-19. Libraries shall close or remain closed to the public until the order is rescinded,” according to Johnson.

Other Businesses-Businesses not otherwise described that cannot maintain or attempt to maintain the 6-foot social distancing shall be closed until this order is rescinded. This would include any businesses that by its very nature direct person-to-person contact of fewer than 6 feet.

If your business type is not specifically included or defined by the above information and you have questions on what, if any restrictions apply, please call (620)223-4464 for guidance.

“If sick, stay home,” Johnson said. “Stay away from people that are ill, especially vulnerable populations (with diseases and the elderly), avoid face to face time, more than six feet apart for less than 10 minutues.”

“Practice personal hygiene habits of handwashing after bathroom, before eating, if you sneeze or cough or handshake. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.”

Johnson is part of the SEK Multi-County Health Department. Her office is located at 6th and Lowman Streets.


Bourbon County State of Emergency Declaration


Sunday , March 22, 20202, Bourbon County Emergency Management announced the first confirmed case of COVID-19, Coronavirus, in Bourbon County. The announcement was followed by a Bourbon County Commission meeting where, after a short executive session, a COVID-19 Emergency Resolution was unanimously adopted. The resolution declares a state of local health public emergency within Bourbon County for 60 days or until recovered earlier.

Pursuant to the power granted to the Local Public Health Officer in KSA 65-119 et seq and the Emergency Declarations of the Governments, Becky Johnson, Public Health Officer, issued a mandate to go into full force and effect at 8:00 PM Sunday March 22, 2020. The order restricts or prohibits business activities for all non-essential businesses and made restrictions for essential business. The full mandate is available online at Businesses with questions or concerns regarding the mandate can call the health department at (620)223-4464 for guidance.

Links to the United States Department of Labor (USDOL), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), the Department for Children and Families and will be available on one page to make it easier for Kansans to keep updated on the virus and resources available to assist them during this challenging time. at For the most up to date information on the COVID-19 Coronavirus, go to

We understand the substantial impact COVID-19 has on businesses. The Small Business Administration (SBA) have offered low interest loans as a response. SBA Disaster relief loans are now open for all Kansas communities and available to apply online at The loan is low interest; no higher than 3.75%.  Each loan is made on a case by case basis, with terms up to 30 years, are based on ability to pay.  The maximum amount of the loan is $2 million.  There are no lending institutions involved in this process, the loan is straight through the SBA.  


The State of Kansas is offering the Hospitality Industry Relief Emergency (HIRE) loan. This is a zero percent interest loan for a maximum of $20,000 for 36 months.  There will be no principle or interest payment due for the first four months. You can apply online here:

Loan funds can be used for current fixed debt and short-term working capital. Examples include making payments to commercial loan payments, commercial lease payments, utility bills, payroll, accounts payable or inventory. “We are encouraging businesses to consolidate fix debts into lower interest rate loans, while including short term working capital, when applying for relief loans,” Jody Hoener, Economic Development Director said. “We have intentionally made ourselves available to assist in the application process. Every day more and more businesses are reaching out.”

More information on the Bourbon County Economic Development or Emergency Management resources and assistance is available by contacting Jody Hoener, Economic Development Director, at 620-215-5725/ or William Wallace, Emergency Management, at 620-223-3800 ext 124/

# # #

About Bourbon County Emergency Management (EM)

There are four key purposes to emergency management: Preparedness. Response. Recovery. Mitigation. Bourbon County Emergency Management (EM) is trained for disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. The COVID-19 pandemic poses a serious public health risk.  EM are the contact for state and federal emergency response programs for recovery of disaster situations. For most up to date information check out the Bourbon County Corona Virus Updates page.

Public Health Director Orders Non Essential Bourbon County Businesses to Close

Public Health Director Rebecca Johnson sent the following order:

SEK MCHD 3-22-20 Order(1)

The order lists a number of businesses that will be allowed to remain opened and businesses that should be closed along with restrictions for the businesses that will remain open.

Grocery, healthcare, convenience stores, and gas stations will remain open but are encouraged to reduce social interactions as much as possible and use curbside service where feasible.

One Bourbon County Resident Positive For COVID 19

SEK Multi-County Health Departments

Bourbon County, Kansas



March 22, 2020;

A Bourbon County, KS positive COVID-19 test was confirmed this afternoon. The testing has been confirmed through the KDHE laboratory in Topeka, KS. The Bourbon County Public Health Department is working diligently to investigate, identify and contact individuals who have been exposed. Updates to follow.

The Bourbon County Public Health Department urges the public to continue to take appropriate actions. Everyone should practice good hygiene, stay informed, practice social distancing and limit in-person interactions, and avoid travel whenever possible.


  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of Breath

Close contact means: 6 foot or less for 10 minutes or more, with a positive case.

DO NOT go to a Clinic, Hospital, ER, or Health Department without calling prior to arrival


  • Remain at home

  • Call your local clinic/family physician’s office for questions regarding testing or your County Health Department.


  • Call your local clinic/family physician’s office OR 911, where you will receive further instructions.


  • Stay away from people who are ill
  • If you have a compromised immune system or are considered a vulnerable population, avoid large gatherings, face to face time, and practice social distancing
  • Stay home if sick
  • Practice personal hygiene habits including handwashing, covering your cough, and avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth
  • For more information you may call the SEK Multi-County Health Department: Bourbon: (620)223-4464 Monday-Thursday 7:00am-5:30pm OR the COVID-19 Hotline: (866)534-3463.
  • You may also visit the COVID-19 Resource Center at :

Governor’s Executive Orders

Governor Kelly announces executive orders to assist Kansans amid COVID-19 pandemic


Governor Laura Kelly announced Executive Order #20-08 and Executive Order #20-09 as part of her administration’s ongoing efforts to protect Kansans’ health and safety during the current COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic.


“Kansans elected me to serve as Governor and their health and safety is my number one priority, I am committed to leading the state forward during what are truly unprecedented times,” Governor Kelly said. “While each of these orders has a specific purpose, together they will make sure Kansas families can access needed care and supplies until we have weathered this storm.”


To help prepare our healthcare system for an influx of patients caused by the COVID-19 virus and to ensure that Kansans continue to have access to the healthcare they need, Kelly signed E.O. #20-08. The order temporarily expands capacity in the healthcare system by:


  • Allowing doctors to prescribe medication after an appropriate telemedicine consultation.
  • Authorizing out-of-state doctors to provide telemedicine services to Kansans, provided they are licensed in another state.
  • Permitting temporary emergency licenses for healthcare professionals regulated by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.


“By allowing more doctors to practice in Kansas – and more patients to be seen remotely – we can alleviate the increasing burden on our healthcare system,” Governor Kelly said. “Expanding the use of telemedicine for nonemergency-related assessments like routine checkups and prescribing medication frees up additional time, resources and physical space in our hospitals and clinics.”


In addition, Kelly signed E.O. #20-09, which provides conditional and temporary relief from certain motor carrier rules and regulations to allow for quick and efficient delivery of resources needed to address the COVID-19 pandemic.


 “Expediting the transport of resources into the state will enable us to meet the increasing demand for medical supplies, groceries – and yes, even toilet paper.” Kelly said.


The order specifically lifts certain weight restrictions and permitting requirements to allow needed supplies to get to Kansas or move through Kansas as quickly as possible. These exceptions apply only to motor carriers actively participating in COVID-19 response efforts.

To view the executive orders, click below:

E.O. 20-08

E.O. 20-09

KS Small Business Disaster Loan

Kansas small businesses eligible for disaster loans from the Small Business Administration


Topeka, Kan. – Governor Laura Kelly announced today that the U.S. Small Business Administration approved her request to make loans of up to $2 million available to small businesses disrupted by coronavirus. The disaster declaration extends to all 105 Kansas counties, making low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital available for Kansas small businesses suffering substantial economic injury.

“The COVID-19 outbreak and the uncertainty around its spread has had, and continues to have, a significant impact on Kansas businesses,” Governor Kelly said. “I’m grateful for the combined efforts of businesses, the Department of Commerce and the Kansas Division of Emergency Management to quickly pull together the data that made it possible for Kansas to receive this designation and begin getting support to the small Kansas businesses that need it during this emergency situation.”

Kansas small businesses can begin applying for disaster loan assistance through the SBA at SBA customer service representatives will be available to answer questions about SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan program and explain the application process.

“SBA’s disaster loans are a powerful tool to help our state’s small businesses weather this temporary storm,” Secretary of Commerce David Toland said. “The Department of Commerce is grateful for the SBA’s quick action to make these resources available and for their commitment to keeping Kansas businesses strong.”

SBA loans may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills because of the disaster’s impact.

Eligibility for Economic Injury Disaster Loans is based on the financial impact of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The interest rate is 3.75 percent for small businesses and 2.75 percent for private non-profit organizations.

Businesses may apply online, receive additional disaster assistance information and download applications at

For more information about the Kansas response to COVID-19, please visit:

Fort Scott VA

Submitted by Carl Jowers
There is a sign on the Fort Scott VA Clinic
“We are working behind closed doors. Access is limited for all outside visitors. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we are taking extra precautions.
620-223-8655.  Extensions 54751 or 54762.”
I could not get a clear understanding about what local health care services are available for our area Veterans. When I requested an email detailing what local services are still available, I was referred to VA Public Relations in Topeka. I have contacted the VA Public Relations Departemnt and left a voicemail asking for information on what local health care services available for our Veterans.
Also, the VA shuttle service to Topeka and KC has been suspended for the indefinite future. 
As more information becomes available, I will share it with you.
Remember to check Post 25 Facebook for updates as well.