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Putting Green and Driving/Slicing Mats added to Momentum Indoor Training


To welcome 2019, Momentum Indoor Training is expanding the services offered.

” I am really excited that Momentum Indoor Training now has equipment that allows golfers to work on their game even when the weather is not favorable to be on the course,” said owner Emelia S. Whiteaker, MS, PES.

In addition to the softball and baseball pitching machines and sports performance training. Momentum Indoor Training now has a 4 ft. by 18 ft. putting green, and driving/chipping mat with nets. The putting green is made of an aerated foam technology that mimics the roll and spongy feel of a natural putting green, she said.

A variety of breaks can be easily made using the numerous shims. The roll of the green can be sped up or slowed down using a broom.

One can also practice hitting specific shots by filling one or more of the 6 holes in the green and using the side standing mat which allows you to be on the same level as the putting green.

Golfers can work on their drives and chips by using the mat to hit into the 2 different nets in the facility. There are three different sizes of rubber tees for the mat including one that allows for the use of wood/plastic tees.

Pricing for the use of the golf training aids is:

20 minutes – $7.00

40 minutes – $12.00

60 minutes – $16.00

200 minutes – $50.00

600 minutes – $125.00

“All golfers must bring in their own clubs so they can train as they play,” Whiteaker said. “To schedule, your training times call (620) 223-1803 or send them a message on Facebook: @mitrainingfs . Training times can be any time during the day but times before 3 pm must be scheduled. Momentum Indoor Training is located at 2420 S. Main St., Suite 900 (drive around to the parking area behind Tractor Supply).”

First Day Hike at Crawford State Park

Begin the New Year connecting with the outdoors by taking a healthy hike at Crawford State Park.

Meet January 1 at 10 a.m. at the Beach Shelter.

Crawford State Park is located at 1 West Lake Road
Farlington, Kansas, just over the Bourbon County line off Highway 7 in Crawford County.
Crawford State Park can be reached at  620-362-3671.

Event website

The trail is moderate difficulty. Pets must be on a leash. Wear weather appropriate clothing, including water-resistant boots.

Contact/cancellation info: 620-362-3671. Tag #FirstDayHikes and #NoPlaceLikeKS.