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Redfield City Council Changes Election Ordinance

The Redfield City Council. Photo by Jody Hoenor. From left: Pam Speer, Deputy City Clerk; Wilma Graham, Council; L.D. Morrison, Council; Michael Beerbower, Council; Ed Guss, Mayor; John Speer, Treasurer; Kirby Martin, Council; and Beth Guss, Acting City Clerk.

Redfield’s City Council is working to improve their town.

One of the ways to improve is the way the council is elected.

“We will have elections every two years, like everyone, but not everybody running for office at the same time,” said Beth Guss, acting Redfield City Clerk.

“When my husband (Ed Guss) took office, everyone but Wilma Graham was new, and nobody had known what to do,” she said.

They visited with neighboring Uniontown Mayor Larry Jurgensen and City Clerk Sally Johnson about the issue and were told about staggering the election so all are not new members at the same time, she said.

Following protocol, the City of Redfield published the proposed changes in the Fort Scott Tribune on Feb. 9 and 16.

This ordinance will take effect 61 days following the final publication.

An election of city council members will take place this November 2019, with succeeding elections every two years for the positions of those whose terms have expired.

This year Wilma Graham and L.D. Morrison will be up for re-election.

“Anyone can register to run,” Guss said.

Other members of the council in addition to these two are  Clarence (Ed) Guss, Kirby Martin, and Michael Beerbower.

Beth Guss said she is the acting city clerk until a replacement can be found.

It is difficult to find citizens who will serve in a community of Redfield’s size, 157 people, “not counting the dogs,” she said with a laugh. The town is located in the middle of Bourbon County.

“We’ve got small-town issues, like all small towns,” she said. “We are working to make our town better.”


Liquor By the Drink Passes in Bourbon County

Voters at the Bourbon County Clerk’s Office.

Voters said yes to the question submitted on the Nov. 6, 2018 ballot.

There were 2,949 yes votes to 1,725 no votes to the question:

Shall the sale of alcoholic liquor by the individual drink in Bourbon County be allowed in public places without a requirement that any portion of their gross receipts be from sales of food?

Results From Bourbon County Voting 2018: Republicans Win

These are the unofficial results of the 2018 November 6, General Election, sent from the Bourbon County Clerk.


Bourbon County Commissioner District 1

(Rep) Lynne Oharah 998

(Dem) Clinton Walker 513


Ks. House of Representative Dist. 4

(Rep) Trevor Jacobs 3289

(Dem) Lawrence Forbach 1059


Ks. House of Representative Dist. 2

(Rep) Kenneth Collins 305

(Dem) Adam Lusker 104


Kansas District 13 State Senator

(Rep) Richard Hilderbrand 1915

(Dem) Bryan Hoffman 1097


Kansas Commissioner of Insurance

(Rep) Vickie Schmidt 3426

(Dem) Nathaniel McLaughlin 1265


Kansas State Treasurer

(Rep) Jake LaTurner 3400

(Dem) Marci Francisco 1350


Kansas Attorney General

(Rep) Derek Schmidt 3397

(Dem) Sarah Swain 1364


Kansas Secretary of State

(Rep) Scott Schwab 3254

(Dem) Brian McClendon 1277



(Rep) Kris Koback  2878

(Dem) Laura Kelly 1535


U.S. House of Representatives

(Rep) Steve Watkins 3072

(Dem) Paul Davis 1386


Click here for the results sent from the Bourbon County Clerk’s office:



Vote Tuesday, Nov. 6

Voters took advantage of advance voting Monday morning at the Bourbon County Clerk’s Office.

All of the polling places will be open on Election Day from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm.  The polling places in Bourbon County are as follows:



1st Ward                  Community Christian Church

2nd Ward                 Grace Baptist Church

3rd Ward                 Grace Baptist Church

4th Ward                  Community Christian Church

5th Ward                  Community Christian Church

6th Ward                  Community Christian Church

7th Ward                  Grace Baptist Church


DRYWOOD               Grace Baptist Church

FRANKLIN               Mapleton Community Bldg

FREEDOM                Fulton Community Bldg

EAST MARION          Uniontown City Hall

WEST MARION         Bronson Community Bldg

MARMATON             Redfield City Hall

MILLCREEK              Redfield City Hall

OSAGE                Fulton Community Bldg

PAWNEE                  Redfield City Hall

NORTH SCOTT        Community Christian Church

SOUTH SCOTT         Grace Baptist Church

TIMBERHILL             Mapleton Community Bldg

WALNUT                 Uniontown City Hall


The following question is on the ballot for the Nov. 6, 2018 general election.

Shall the following be adopted?

Shall sale of alcoholic liquor by the individual drink in Bourbon County be allowed in public places without a requirement that any portion of their gross receipts be from the sales of food.

Vote yes or no.

Here is the current map of Kansas that shows the counties stand on this issue.


Contests on the ballot are the 2nd District U.S. House of Representatives, the Kansas State offices of governor/lt. governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state treasurer, commissioner of insurance, 13th district state senator, 4th district house of representative, district 9 state board of education, district 1 Bourbon County Commissioner, Bourbon County Treasurer, Bourbon County Attorney, judges for the court of appeals, and district 6 court judge.





Letter to the Editor: Carolyn Tucker

To Drink or Not to Drink

by Carolyn A. Tucker

Drinking alcohol is like playing Russian roulette. Sometimes you get by and sometimes you die. Everybody has their opinion about consuming alcoholic beverages, so we should see what God says about it.

“Wine has robbed my people of their understanding” (Hosea 4:11 NLT). That’s plain and simple, no commentary needed.

God was speaking in the Old Testament and said, “I chose some of your sons to be prophets and others to be Nazirites. Can you deny this, my people of Israel?” asks the Lord. “But you caused the Nazirites to sin by making them drink wine, and you commanded the prophets, ’Shut up!’” (Amos 2:11,12 NLT).

In the Bible, the Nazirites were set apart for God’s use and were not to drink wine. Today, Christians should desire to be sanctified (set apart) and dedicated to doing God’s work.

In another scripture, God says, “Suppose a prophet full of lies would say to you, ‘I’ll preach to you the joys of wine and alcohol!’ That’s just the kind of prophet you would like!” (Micah 2:11 NLT). That’s plain and simple, no commentary needed.

Now we should see what life says about drinking alcohol. My mother had twelve brothers and two of them had miserable lives as alcoholics. The obituary for H.R.J. stated “he departed this life following a long illness.” After brother E.A.J.’s death, his wife wrote in a letter to a family member, “I sympathize with drinkers. If Elmer had only realized how hard he made it on his girls he would have quit. I’m sure.” The autopsy report revealed that he died of pneumonia and cirrhosis of the liver.

Drinking alcohol is like playing Russian roulette. Sometimes you get by and sometimes you die. It isn’t worth the risk. Perhaps you say, “I can handle it.” But what about your children and grandchildren that you influence…can they handle it?

KDOR reminds voters of free ID services


TOPEKA—Kansans who need a photo ID before the November 6th election can visit any driver’s license office, jump to the front of the line, and get one for free.


To ensure the ID is free, Kansans should specifically state they need it for voting. The cost for ID cards normally is $22.


“This service is always available and it’s important for us to remind voters that it’s an option ahead of the November 6th general election,” Director of Vehicles David Harper said.


For a list of driver’s license office locations and hours visit

Advanced Voting Has Begun

The vote here sign sits in front of the north wing of the Bourbon County Courthouse, 210 S. National.

Advanced voting is happening now through noon on November 5 on the first floor of the Bourbon County Courthouse, then on the November 6, registered votes vote in designated polling places. If you have any questions please call the County Clerk’s Office at 620-223-3800.

Introducing the Candidates: Adam Lusker

This is part of a series introducing the candidates in the November 6 election

State Representative, 2nd District (vote for one)

Adam J. Lusker Sr. 452 S. 210th St. Frontenac 66763 Democratic

Kenneth Collins 102 E. 1st Street Mulberry 66756 Republican

Adam Lusker

Name: Adam J. Lusker Sr.

Age: 46

Position running for: 2nd District Kansas State Representative

Residence: Frontenac, KS

Occupation: Mason

Community involvement:

Member of the following: American Legion Post 43, Frontenac Rotary, Frontenac Unified Methodist Church, Sacred Heart Church, Elks Lodge, Masonic Lodge 187, Mirza Temple Shrine, Scottish Rite, Former Member of Frontenac Education Foundation and USD 249 School Board, 25-year business owner

Party affiliation: Democrat

What is the biggest issue, if elected, and how do you plan to address it?

  1. Maintaining a consistent revenue source, to ensure our budget is balanced and meets the needs of our community.

Give your views on the sales tax.

  1. Sales taxes are regressive taxes. Higher sales taxes affect people’s buying power in a negative way, especially our lower and fixed-income citizens. Therefore, food sales tax impacts these same folks adversely. Our sales tax also puts border counties like ours at a disadvantage economically in regard to retail sales, food, mercantile, equipment, etc, with our neighboring state. I think we should work to reduce food sales tax, as well as sales tax in general as other sources of revenue, are realized.

Give your views on legalizing marijuana.

  1. I do not believe Kansas is ready for legalizing marijuana. Several states are still continuing to deal with legal marijuana. We were a test site for a very costly tax plan; I think we should let other states be the petri dish on this experiment.

Give your views on health care for our state, including Medicaid.

  1. We should continue to find ways to reduce health care costs, increase access to medicine and promote wellness in our state. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the Affordable Care Act, it is law and Kansas has to take advantage of all we can to keep our hospitals open. Kansas taxpayers have sent over $3 billion of our money to other states to expand Medicaid. The numbers show that expanding Medicaid would have a positive impact on our healthcare systems and our communities.

Give your views on abortion and Planned Parenthood.

  1. I have a pro-life voting record and will continue. I think we should continue to invest in adoption and education to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Introducing The Candidates: Jake LaTurner

This is part of a series featuring candidates for the November 6 election.

State Treasurer (vote for one)

Marci Francisco 1101 Ohio Lawrence 66044 Democratic

Jake LaTurner P.O. Box 67177 Topeka 66667 Republican

Name: Jake LaTurner

Age: 30

Candidate for the position of Kansas State Treasurer

Place of residence: Topeka, Kansas

Current occupation: Kansas State Treasurer

Community involvement: Various church and community-related activities.

Party affiliation: Republican

What is the biggest issue, if elected, and how do you plan to address it:

Having served as State Treasurer for the last year and a half, I am proud to say that we improved the services offered to all Kansans while saving the taxpayer’s money.

I have taken the time to analyze agency operations, allowing us to find innovative solutions, efficiencies, and streamline processes.

For example, this last fiscal year we set a record for the most unclaimed property returned to Kansans’ in a single year by more than 12%. We have put over $37 million back into the pockets of Kansans.

Our Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Accounts were ranked Top 5 in the nation by Forbes.

We also launched the ABLE savings program for individuals living with a disability and enhanced it with legislation.

Additionally, we launched a brand new, user and mobile friendly website that improves the claims process and allows for direct deposit.

All of these things have been accomplished while decreasing the square footage of the office and reducing the budget.

I list these things because not only am I running for State Treasurer, but I have a proven record of success in the office. If elected to a full-year term, I will continue to look for ways of providing a better service at the best possible cost.

Give your views on food sales-tax:

Prior to becoming State Treasurer, I was honored to represent Fort Scott in the Kanas Senate. While in the legislature, I repeatedly voted to remove and/or reduce the sales tax on food.

Give your views on legalizing marijuana:

While in the legislature, I voted against the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Give your views on healthcare – including Medicaid:

Access to quality healthcare is a critical issue to Kansans, especially in our rural areas. Costs continue to increase and many Kansans are struggling to pay their bills. This is something families across our state grapple with daily, specifically, my heart goes out to the Ft. Scott community as they cope with their recent decrease in healthcare access. I believe we can find Kansas based solutions that increase access and affordability.

Give your views on abortion and Planned Parenthood:

I am pro-life and have a 100% pro-life voting record with Kansans for Life. My wife Suzanne and I are proud members of the pro-life generation because we believe women and their unborn children deserve better than abortion.

The vast majority of Kansans do not want their hard-earned tax dollars going to subsidize abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. My voting record on this issue is clear.

Candidates Forum October 22


Monday, October 22, 2018
Ellis Fine Arts Center on the Campus of FSCC

Doors Open 5:30 p.m., Forum Begins 6:00 p.m.

FORT SCOTT – The Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce announces a Candidates’ Forum for the 2018 General Election will be held Monday, October 22nd at the Ellis Fine Arts Center on the campus of FSCC, 2108 S. Horton. The doors will open at 5:30 pm and the forum will begin at 6 pm. Attendees are invited to arrive early to meet and greet the candidates.

Races that have been invited to the forum include Governor/Lt. Governor, U.S. House of Representatives District 2, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Commissioner of Insurance, Kansas Senate District 13, Kansas House of Representatives Districts 2 and 4, State Board of Education District, Bourbon County Commissioner District 1, Bourbon County Attorney, and Bourbon County Treasurer.

The general public may submit questions to the Chamber prior to the event by submitting them via email to or dropping them off at the Chamber, 231 E. Wall Street, by 12:00 p.m., Monday, October 22nd. There will also be information presented at the forum on the “Liquor by the Drink” local issue that will be on the ballot for Bourbon County.

The forum will run in the hierarchy of offices from the federal, state, then local level. Candidates will have the opportunity to make a one-minute opening statement and two-minute closing statement. Three questions will be asked of each candidate, with each candidate being allowed one minute to respond. Individuals representing candidates, not in attendance will be given an opportunity to make up to a three-minute statement.

For more information please contact the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce at (620) 223-3566.