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Building Effective Community Board Leadership Skills in Chanute

Submitted by Carla Nemecek, Southwind Extension District

K-State Research and Extension is conducting a series of Community Board Leadership workshops designed to provide basic training for members of community-based boards across the state on February 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2018.

“Informed and committed board members are the key to healthy, effective boards and committees in our Kansas communities.  K-State Research and Extension’s Board Leadership Series will provide an opportunity for board members to learn the basics of being a good board member,” said Trudy Rice, extension community development specialist. “Whether you are a member of a church board, a township board, a United Way agency board, or a rural water board, this training is appropriate for you.”

The series will kick-off on February 6, with Conducting Effective Meetings. During this session, participants will learn about their roles and responsibilities as a board member, basics of parliamentary procedure, and strategies to make meetings more productive and effective.

On February 13, the topic will be Fundraising, Fund Management, Legalities and Ethics. This session will explore a board’s options for raising and managing money, understanding such things as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and policies.

The February 20, session will cover Understanding Fellow Board Members and Conflict Management. Participants will explore how personalities and generational differences affect the decision-making process, and learn how to manage conflict in a way that is productive, not destructive, to the board.

Strategic Planning will be the final topic on February 27. Participants will learn about establishing a common mission and vision for the board, and how to plan priorities for the future.

All sessions will be conducted from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Workshop participants will meet at host sites throughout the state to take part in web-based instruction and locally facilitated discussion. The Southwind Extension District will be hosting this valuable training at the Alliance Room in Chanute, Kan.

Pre-registration for the event is required by Wednesday, January 10. The $40 registration buys a seat and light lunch for all four sessions. Individuals may choose to attend on their own or boards may buy a seat and send a different board member to each session. Boards sending multiple members may negotiate a group rate. Registrations may be sent to Southwind Extension District or contact Carla Nemecek at 620-365-2242 for more information or to negotiate group rates.  Registration includes snacks, lunch, four educational sessions, and Board Basics materials.


Fort Scott’s Price Chopper To Open Dec. 13 According To CFO

The cover sheet for the Price Chopper Fort Scott plans.

Citing “unforeseen issues” at the delayed store opening, Dennis Riley, Chief Financial Officer of Price Chopper, said the new grocery store will open at 9 a.m. Wednesday, December 13, not December 6.

“Barring any other unforeseen issues, we will open Dec. 13,” Riley said. “We wish it would have been sooner… Everything will be open and operating and ready for the citizens of Fort Scott .”

“Late August is when demolition began,” Riley said. “It’s been a top to bottom remodel and a relocation of the flow of the store.”

The store is similar to the Price Chopper in Paola, Riley said.

“We have a heavy emphasis on fresh foods,” he said. “We are proud of our meat department and our produce department.”

There will be a cut fruit and salad bar where people can dine in, Riley said.

The Dunkin’ Donuts area has a drive-up window feature.

Price Chopper Fort Scott currently has 120 employees and is located at 2322 S. Main Street on the city’s south side.

The site was formerly Woods Supermarket.

Barry Queen is the owner of the store and has family ties to the Fort Scott area, Riley said.


Where Is Winnie?

Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce Administrative Assistant Allison Turvey holds Winnie the elf. ” Where is Winnie” is a promotion for local businesses.

Winnie the elf works for the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce.

Her job is to encourage people to shop in Fort Scott.

“Where is Winnie” is the Facebook page where you can learn more about her.

“The goal is to get people to shop local businesses,” Allison Turvey, administrative assistant at the Chamber said.

Turvey “escorts” Winnie to one of the Chamber member’s businesses and places her there.

A photo clue is given on the  Chamber Facebook page:

Participants can win a chance to enter a drawing for $100 in Chamber Bucks.

There are two ways to win a chance.

The first is to guess where Winnie is at and post the answer on Facebook.

The second way is to shop at the store Winnie visits then take a photo of your receipt and post it to the discussion board of the “Where Is Winnie” Facebook event page.

All receipts must come from shops where Winnie visited and be posted by December 15.

Each is one entry into the drawing for the $100 Chamber Bucks prize. The bucks can be spent at any of the 55 Chamber businesses.

Anyone unable to upload their receipt photos to Facebook may bring their receipts to the Chamber office, 231 E. Wall.

For more information, contact Turvey at 620-223-3566.

Bourbon County Commission Agenda For Dec. 5

The Bourbon County Courthouse, 210 S. National Avenue.

The Bourbon County Commission Room meets on the 2nd Floor of the Bourbon County Courthouse, 210 S. National Ave. at 9 a.m. on Tuesdays.

Today, December 5, 2017, the agenda is:

9-9:45 a.m.-Jim Harris

9 a.m.-Motor Grader Bid Opening

9:30 a.m.-Open Bank Bids for 2018 Mac Dump Truck

9:45-10:15 a.m.-Commissioners consider and take action on any and all questions or issues which may arise regarding the law enforcement project.

10:15-10:30 a.m.-  Bill Martin

10:30-10:45 a.m.-KCAMP and Cereal Malt Beverages Licenses

10:45-11 a.m.-2018 Wages

11:00-11:15 a.m.-Justin Meeks

11:30-11:45 a.m.-Clint Anderson

Commissioners will be gone by noon.

1st District Commissioner is Lynne Oharah,2nd District-Jeff Fischer, 3rd District-Nick Ruhl, County Clerk-Kendell Mason.



HPA’s Annual Fundraising Event Concludes

To help meet the Historic  Preservation Association of Bourbon County’s goal to save historic buildings in Fort Scott, money has been raised since 1980 in their annual Homes for the Holidays tour. This year in addition to four homes showcased and a shopping event offered, a quilt show was added along with a Christmas tree contest.


This year, the Ed and Christine Lundberg home on Friday evening was the first part of the HPA’s tour, called Moonlight and Mistletoe. The home was built in 1970s contemporary style. Guests were limited to 100 and appetizers were served.

The doorman greets visitors at the Lundberg home on Lees Circle Drive Friday evening.
Deb Martin takes a photo of Carl Repp, Dande Lyon Vredenburg, Christine and Ed Lundberg at the Moonlight and Mistletoe Event.
Jeff and Vera Norris get a tour of the Ed and Christine Lundberg home.
Crystal Mason, Elaine Kirby, and Bernita Hill share a conversation during Moonlight and Mistletoe evening Friday.
Piles of food were provided by the Historic Preservation Association of Bourbon County at the Lundberg home.

The Stocking Stuffer shopping event was held Saturday and Sunday at Fort Scott Middle School also as part of  Historic Preservation Association of Bourbon County’s fundraising.

Mercy Hospital Auxilary volunteers work a booth at the Stocking Stuffer.
Shoppers pick out gifts at a booth during the Stocking Stuffer at Fort Scott Middle School Saturday morning.

Three Homes for the Holiday were decorated for the tour.

The Nate and Bailey Lyons home at 919  Burke was built nearly 100 years ago by Charles Gunn and completed renovated into a contemporary family home by the Lyons.

The completely remodeled kitchen of the Lyons home.
The living room, which was completely renovated in the Lyons home.

The Bob and Terri Taylor home at 315 Holbrook was built in the 1880s in the Victorian style.

Visitors admire the front room of the Taylor home Saturday morning during the tour.
A hostess tells of the home’s history during the tour.

The Shiney Studio, 2nd Street and National Avenue, is the former St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

DandeLyon Vredenburg greets visitors to the Shiney Studio in costume as Cindy Lou Who.
Visitors were given tours of the Shiney Studio which included the private home of DandeLyon Vredenburg along with other businesses.

The Presbyterian Village Christmas Tree Contest was part of the Homes for the Holiday tour for the first time this year. The village is an assisted living facility.

Pictured are some of the trees that were stationed around the assisted living facility at 2401 S. Horton.


A quilt show was a feature of the Homes for the Holidays tour for 2017, which was located in the Beaux Arts Center, north of the Fort Scott Post Office.

Denise Duncan stands before a few of the quilts that were part of the quilt show. The Duncan’s own the Beaux Arts Center.
Some of the quilts that were displayed as part of the Homes for the Holidays tour.



Fort Scott National Historic Site Candlelight Tour

A visitor catches the full moon over the fort on his cell phone during the candlelight tour Saturday evening.

Fort Scott National Historic Site celebrated its 175th anniversary by presenting the 36th annual Candlelight Tour Friday and Saturday evenings.

The theme for this year’s candlelight tour: “Happiness Amid Hardship.”

The tour featured five scenes from the 1840s at Fort Scott, the years that it was an active frontier military fort.

Traditionally, the site’s candlelight tour has been “ghosted,” meaning that the reenactors in the scene do not interact with or even recognize the people on the tour.

This year, the staff encouraged some audience participation in most of the scenes, which made the scenes fun and engaging.

The full moon as a backdrop to the tour added to the ambiance of the evening. Temperatures in the 50s added to the enjoyment as well.

Visitors get information from Park Guide Tiffany on the scene that is about to be portrayed on the Fort Scott National Historic Site Candlelight Tour Saturday evening.
Visitors are invited to join in dancing at the dragoon barracks in this scene.
Enlisted men are treated gruffly in this scene.
There is a discussion of reasons why soldiers are going to become Oregon pioneers in this scene at the sutler building.
Men enjoy visiting during this scene at the fort’s store.
Visitors participated in an evening social at the officers’ quarters, amidst gossiping and matchmaking activities in this scene.
There was singing of Christmas carols led by Ralph Carlson and also refreshments offered in the Grand Hall at the end of the tour.

Christmas In The Park

A sneak preview of Gunn Park before the first viewing Friday evening showed some of the hard work that had been put into Christmas in the Park, a community holiday event.

Diana Mitchell and Tom Robertson work on last minute details Friday evening before the first showing of Christmas in the Park in Gunn Park.
The big rock shelter house at Gunn Park is lit by Christmas lights Friday evening as part of Christmas in the Park.
The small rock pavilion on a hill in Gunn Park is decorated with lights for Christmas in the Park.
The nativity scene is lit in preparation for the Bethel Community Church Live Nativity.
Fort Scott Recreation Department decorated a shelter house in Gunn Park for Christmas in the Park.
The big rock shelter house was decorated for Christmas in the Park by Niece Products of Kansas.