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Werling Tells Story Of Why Reinhardt Cried

Cathy Werling reads the story of unsung hero Ken Reinhardt Saturday at the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes.

Cathy Werling read her story entitled “Why Did Grandpa Cry” to an audience of children and adults December 9 at the Lowell Milken Center.

The public reading and signing of books was an event to showcase the first in a series of children’s books that Werling will write, highlighting unsung heroes in history.

Werling said the first story is about black students who tried to go to a white school and were treated badly, except by two white students.

The story is told through the eyes of the granddaughter of one of the white students, decades later.

Following the reading by Werling, she signed books for those who purchased them and a drawing for prizes took place.

Cathy Werling signs Macie Stephan’s copy of “Why Did Grandpa Cry?”

Werling’s book tells the story of Ken Reinhardt, during the U.S. Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s on a level that children can understand.

Reinhardt is an unsung hero whose story is featured at the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes in downtown Fort Scott.

Pictured are, from left Mayla, Davina, Ansley, and Tabor Foster, the children of David Foster. They are standing in front of the display of the unfolding story of unsung hero Reinhardt at the Lowell Milken Center.  David Foster is the farthest right in the upper photo.

Attending the event were the children of David Foster, one of the Uniontown High School history students who discovered the story of Reinhardt for a class project. They sat quietly, intently listening to Werling tell the story.

“Why Did Grandpa Cry” is the first of 12 children’s books about unsung heroes that will come through the Lowell Milken Center.

“The next story is about a dog named Stubby,” Werling told the audience. “A soldier took care of Stubby, then Stubby became a hero.”




Fort Scott’s Price Chopper To Open Dec. 13 According To CFO

The cover sheet for the Price Chopper Fort Scott plans.

Citing “unforeseen issues” at the delayed store opening, Dennis Riley, Chief Financial Officer of Price Chopper, said the new grocery store will open at 9 a.m. Wednesday, December 13, not December 6.

“Barring any other unforeseen issues, we will open Dec. 13,” Riley said. “We wish it would have been sooner… Everything will be open and operating and ready for the citizens of Fort Scott .”

“Late August is when demolition began,” Riley said. “It’s been a top to bottom remodel and a relocation of the flow of the store.”

The store is similar to the Price Chopper in Paola, Riley said.

“We have a heavy emphasis on fresh foods,” he said. “We are proud of our meat department and our produce department.”

There will be a cut fruit and salad bar where people can dine in, Riley said.

The Dunkin’ Donuts area has a drive-up window feature.

Price Chopper Fort Scott currently has 120 employees and is located at 2322 S. Main Street on the city’s south side.

The site was formerly Woods Supermarket.

Barry Queen is the owner of the store and has family ties to the Fort Scott area, Riley said.


Bourbon County Commission Agenda For Dec. 5

The Bourbon County Courthouse, 210 S. National Avenue.

The Bourbon County Commission Room meets on the 2nd Floor of the Bourbon County Courthouse, 210 S. National Ave. at 9 a.m. on Tuesdays.

Today, December 5, 2017, the agenda is:

9-9:45 a.m.-Jim Harris

9 a.m.-Motor Grader Bid Opening

9:30 a.m.-Open Bank Bids for 2018 Mac Dump Truck

9:45-10:15 a.m.-Commissioners consider and take action on any and all questions or issues which may arise regarding the law enforcement project.

10:15-10:30 a.m.-  Bill Martin

10:30-10:45 a.m.-KCAMP and Cereal Malt Beverages Licenses

10:45-11 a.m.-2018 Wages

11:00-11:15 a.m.-Justin Meeks

11:30-11:45 a.m.-Clint Anderson

Commissioners will be gone by noon.

1st District Commissioner is Lynne Oharah,2nd District-Jeff Fischer, 3rd District-Nick Ruhl, County Clerk-Kendell Mason.



LaRoche Baseball Complex Annexed

The La Roche Baseball Complex is located south of the city and parallel to U.S. Hwy. 69.

The City of Fort Scott recently annexed the LaRoche Baseball Complex into the city limits at a recent meeting.

The complex is located in the industrial park south of the city on U.S. 69 Hwy.

“The city maintains the complex,” Rhonda Dunn, Fort Scott Community Development Director, said. “They do the mowing, the maintenance, the painting, the lights, etc. It makes sense, that since the city owns the park, it should be within the city limits.”

A board oversees the park, which includes members from the city, Fort Scott’s school district, and the LaRoche family.


Banker Pleads No Contest

The Bourbon County Courthouse, 210 S. National Avenue.

The following information is the public record available at the Bourbon County Courthouse, third floor, district court office.

Joseph W. Banker, age 36, is a defendant whose case is pending in Bourbon County for the charges of sexual solicitation, sexual exploitation, and sexual battery.

In May 2017 the Bourbon County District Court filed a case against Banker in Oklahoma, for the charges and he was arrested.

A hearing was held on November 17, 2017, in which Banker pleaded No Contest to two of the charges. The preliminary hearing was waived.

Banker pleaded No Contest, thereby waiving his right to a trial. No Contest is an admission by Banker that the prosecution has sufficient evidence to prove his guilt and will not contest such evidence.

His plea of No Contest is the result of a plea agreement between the Bourbon County Attorney Justin Meeks and Bank’s attorney, Christopher Meek.

He is pleading No Contest in connection with  Count II and Count III charges against him in the amended complaint/information.

Count II reads that between August 1, 2009, and September 21, 2009, Banker sexually exploited a child under 18 years of age. The charge is a severity level five, person felony with a minimum sentence of 31 months imprisonment, a maximum of 136 months and a fine up to $300,000.

Count III reads that between November 1, 2009, and December 31, 2009, Banker sexually exploited another child under 18 years of age. The charge is a severity level five, person felony with a minimum sentence of 31 months imprisonment, a maximum of 136 months and a fine up to $300,000.

There will be a plea hearing on December 8, 2017, at 1:15 p.m. in series before the Honorable Judge Amy Harth.

Banker is a former youth pastor at Community Christian Church.

Emory Arnold Trust Land To Be Developed

Looking northwest from the corner of Jayhawk Road and Liberty Bell Road. This land is being rezoned for future development by Peerless Products and Labconco Corporation on Dec. 5

Land south and east of El Charro Restaurant will be annexed into the city with Peerless Products and Labconco Corporation planning to develop the properties, according to a city official.

The City of Fort Scott will rezone the Emory Arnold Trust land, located on U.S. Highway 69 for redevelopment on Dec.5, Rhonda Dunn, Fort Scott Community Development Director said.

“Part of it is the Emory Arnold Trust, south of El Charro Restaurant, down to Jayhawk Road to Liberty Bell Road,” she said. “Peerless and Labconco are buying the properties for future development.”

The land will be annexed into the city.

Labconco Corporation is located at 2500 Liberty Bell Road, while Peerless Products, Inc. is located at 2403 S. Main Street, parallel to U.S. 69 Hwy.

Emery Arnold’s home in the photo, at right. The Emery Arnold Trust land is being rezoned Dec. 5.

Emory Arnold was a prominent Fort Scottian who died in 2015 at age 98. He served in positions at Fort Scott Community College as the registrar, assistant dean, athletic director and vice president until his retirement in 1981, according to his obituary. The arena at FSCC bears his name.



Price Chopper To Open Soon

Wednesday afternoon the Price Chopper Fort Scott has an empty parking lot, but soon the lot will be full of shoppers cars.

December 6 is the date for the opening of  Price Chopper Fort Scott, the city’s newest grocery store as 2322 S. Main.

“December 6 is their goal,”  Rhonda Dunn, Fort Scott’s Community Development Director, said.

“It’s a beautiful place,” Dunn said. “They are putting groceries on the shelves. They are making a plan for a grand opening.”

Barry Queen is the owner/operator of Price Chopper Fort Scott.

To view more about Price Chopper Fort Scott, click below:

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