Caryn Tyson Launches Campaign For State Treasurer

Caryn Tyson

(Topeka) – As a leading conservative, Kansas Senator Caryn Tyson officially launched her campaign for State Treasurer with supporters from across the state at Ravenwood Lodge, Topeka. Tyson, who currently serves as Chairman of the Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee, told the audience, as State Treasurer she will lead the fight to keep government accountable.

“As a legislator, I work diligently to represent you and my record proves it.  Kansas needs a State Treasurer that will fight for your liberties by providing transparency and a watchdog on state spending and investments; We need a State Treasurer that will put Kansas First – that is exactly what I am going to do. From defending our Constitution, including the First and Second Amendment Rights, I don’t just talk the talk, I have and will continue to walk the walk.  I am the conservative leader who can deliver results as Kansas State Treasurer.  You can count on me to work for you,” stated Tyson.

Tyson works diligently for smaller, smarter government and to stop wasteful spending. Even before her time in the legislator her attention for detail and ability to get the job done in the field of Information Technology earned her awards for achievement and teamwork, including for her work on space shuttle support for NASA.

Representative Highland, inductee to the United States Army Officer Candidate School, said in supporting Tyson for State Treasurer, “I’ve worked with Caryn for going on 10 years.  I both respect and trust Caryn.  She never gives up.  She’ll fight.  One thing I like about Caryn is she respects the people she serves and she works for them, not for herself.”

“Caryn is actually trying to fight for you and put more money in your pocket.  And she truly believes in less government and I do too.  She’s one of those kind of people who doesn’t care who gets the pat on the back, just as long as the truck gets loaded and you save money.  She knows how to fight and true a conservative that will fight for you.” State Representative Ken Corbet.

Caryn Tyson has math and computer science degrees from Kansas State and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from KU. Caryn Tyson has a long career as a manager and lead in high level Information Technology, including financial systems. She is currently serving as a citizen legislator being elected for a third term in the Kansas Senate, after serving a term in the Kansas House.

Caryn and her husband, Tim – both fifth generation Kansans – own and operate Tyson Ranch in Linn County, established in 1871.



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  1. Wow! This is great news. We need great news. I’ve known Caryn since moving to Fort Scott 6 years ago. I trust she will continue fighting to keep our taxes in check and the state government accountable. I support her candidacy for State Treasurer. We will need to find a fiscal conservative to run for her senate seat.

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