Bourbon County Fair Dog Show

The Bourbon County Fair 2018 kicked off Saturday morning with the 4-H Dog Show. Youth demonstrated their dog training skills with their pets.

2018 Bourbon County Dog Show participant Landon McDaniel smiles as his dog comes out of an obstacle to test agility and obedience.
Kole Wagner gives the command to “stay” to his dog, during the Bourbon County Fair Dog Show.
Julia Allen leads her dog through the agility test obstacle course.
Reegan McDaniel leads his dog across a plank during the obstacle course.
Alyssa Popp leads her dog to jump over an obstacle, while Devin Ramsay, Linden, the judge, watches.
Chance Fuhrman encourages his dog to go through the tunnel.
Brennan Popp encourages his dog through the hoops.
Lillian Westhoff leads her dog to the next agility test, walking across a plank.
Mayla Foster, left, waits her turn to show her dog in the obedience segment of the dog show.

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