Bourbon County Commission Minutes of April 2

April 2, 2019                                                   Tuesday 9:00 am

The Bourbon County Commission met in open session with all three Commissioners, the County Counselor and the County Clerk present.

Nancy Van Etten was present for a portion of the meeting.

Jody Hoener met with the Commissioners to give a wellness update; she said that Bobby Reed (jail employee) is a new Wellness committee member. She said she will be asking the Commissioners to pass a policy to work towards implementing a tobacco free worksite (including chewing, vaping and smoking) for Bourbon County employees beginning 01/01/2020. She said it is important to make sure employees have the resources if they want to quit; Bourbon County health insurance requires a prescription for nicotine replacement therapies, Jody said she will work with C.H.C. to make the replacement therapies available.

Jody reported that there are almost 50 business retention surveys completed.

Jeff made a motion to go into a 10 minute executive session for personnel matters of individual non-elected personnel, Nick seconded and all approved, (the session included the Commissioners and Jim Harris). No action was taken.

Jim Harris reported they are trimming trees for the City of Fort Scott this morning, he said they did this without the County Commissioners approval. Jim said he will want the City of Fort Scott’s asphalt trucks in return when the County needs them. Jeff suggested formalizing a mutual aid agreement.

Lynne reported that Loretta George had reported potholes on Maple Road towards the tower as well as potholes on Hackberry Road west of the Airport.

Jim Harris reported they had patched in the Industrial Park.

Nick asked that Jim place rock larger than road rock on Unique east of the quarry; he said semis are getting stuck in the road there.

Jim Harris discussed Hickory Road; the City of Fort Scott received a grant to build turning lanes into the LaRoche ballpark complex. The City has never asked the County to accept the road; Lynne said it is a City road unless it is turned over to the County.

Jim Harris said they could use a milling machine to use around the County.

Tammy Helm with the Fort Scott Tribune arrived at the meeting.

The Commissioners will take bids in 2019 for the mow able hay at the old landfill as well as Elm Creek.

Nick asked Jim to check with Big Sugar regarding the price for fish food.

The Commissioners and Shane Walker discussed a list of incomplete items at the new jail; the Commissioners had compiled a list of items, Lynne received a list of incomplete items from Bill Martin and said he would compile the lists together. Jeff gave Lynne permission to send to the Commissioners a final list, the Commissioners to respond to his list as well as permission to draft a letter to Universal Construction and Goldberg Group with a 90 day deadline to complete the projects, Nick seconded and all approved. Lynne said he would call Universal to schedule doing the balancing at the jail as well as getting filter work completed. There was a discussion over needing a permanent ladder installed at the jail to use for maintenance on the roof top units; Shane said he will check into the cost of a ladder. Jeff made a motion to purchase and install a whole building water filter at the jail, Nick seconded and all approved.

Tom Headley reported potholes in Devon; Lynne said he would discuss this with Jim Harris.

Shane Walker reported they will need computers, printers and scanners at the new ambulance barn, he estimated this to cost $4,000; the Commissioners said this expense will come out the Ambulance fund.

Terry Sercer met with the Commissioners; he planned a 2019 budget amendment in order to allow for the ambulance revenue and expenses. Lynne moved to approve publishing the amendment, Nick seconded and all approved. The budget amendment for the ambulance fund will be on April 16th at 10:00 am. Terry will publish the notice of the amendment. Terry estimated that the ambulance receipts will cover 70% of the ambulance expenses. The amended ambulance budget will allow for $1,020,000 in expenses and planned revenue of $1,036,020. Terry said he was pleased to tell the Commissioners that the budgeted 2018 carryover was $280,000 but Terry estimated the carryover to be approximately $500,000; Terry suggested (and the Commissioners agreed) that this excess be left in the General fund to be used for Ambulance expenses in 2019. Terry said if the money was used for ambulance expenses, the ambulance could replenish the fund with ambulance reimbursements. The Commissioners said the ambulance fund will likely always have to be subsidized. Terry said that some funds have a 2018 cash carryover; Terry will transfer the excess into reserve accounts for the following departments, Election equipment fund will have approximately $28,000 transferred and the Appraiser fund will have approximately $6,000 transferred into the Appraiser reserve fund. Any excess in the Road & Bridge Sales Tax will stay in that fund.

City of Fort Scott employees Larry Gazaway, Rachel Pruitt, Rhonda Dunn, Dave Martin as well as City Commissioner Cheryl Adamson met with the Commissioners, Jim Harris, Jerad Heckman and Jody Hoener. Justin Meeks said this was not on the agenda, but said they came to discuss the cooperation between the County and the City of Fort Scott. Larry Gazaway gave a tourism update; he said approximately $24 million is spent annually by visitors; he said they receive an average of 1,000 people a month at the tourism center. Larry described Geofence, an advertising option being used. Larry discussed past and future conferences to be held in Fort Scott. Larry asked for funding from Bourbon County (approximately $15,000 annually) to help pay for advertising and marketing expenses. Lynne said the County will begin working on the 2020 budget in June and could consider this request to help with economic development. Larry said his current budget is funded by Transient Guest Tax; he said the City charges 6% for Transient Guest Tax for overnight (not extended stay rentals) rentals and hotels. Justin suggested that there is lodging in the northwest part of the County that could be a part of the Transient Guest Tax. There was a brief discussion over the 1 cent sales tax; this sales tax was voted on and is used for road maintenance. The County and the Cities in the County share this money; this will be voted on again in the future, Dave Martin suggested that the County and City partner to get the word out so that the public sees the importance of the sales tax. Lynne said he will meet with Robert Uhler regarding this tax. Justin suggested that at some point all of the Cities and the County need to get together regarding this tax.

Rhonda Dunn said the City wanted to withdraw their request for the County to waive the Landfill fees for the debris from the demolishing of the Stout building; she said it was not their intention to create turmoil. Lynne made a motion to rescind the decision for Bourbon County to waive the Landfill fees for the debris from the demolishing of the Stout building, Jeff seconded and all approved.

Lynne made a motion to go into a 15 minute executive session for consultation with an attorney for the body or agency which would be deemed privileged in the attorney-client relationship, Nick seconded and all approved, (the session included the Commissioners and Justin Meeks). No action was taken.

Justin Meeks reported that he recently received a request to take over dockets; he said he had did this.

Nick made a motion that Justin constructs a HIPPA release concerning Dave Bruner, Jeff seconded and all approved.

Nick made a motion to give Lynne, Justin Meeks, Jim Harris and Shane Walker permission to attend a meeting with Senator Watkins regarding a confidential proposal, Jeff seconded and all approved.

Jeff made a motion to break for lunch and reconvene at 1:30, Lynne seconded and all approved.

Christy Keating, Dave Bruner and Robert Uhler met with the Commissioners to discuss the ambulance service; Amanda Gilmore was also present for this meeting. Christy said that in March there were 218 requests for service; 164 transports, 94 to facilities, 67 to Via Christi Fort Scott, 3 medical transports and 54 dry runs. Christy said they are now at full staff for the ambulance. Christy said they had received calls from citizens who were concerned about the delay in transfers (on a busy day); she said they had to prioritize the patient’s needs on the order of the transfers. Dave Bruner said they will get one new ambulance in service now, he said they need minimal supplies for the 2nd ambulance to get it in service. Dave said they get fuel for the ambulances at the City unless they are out of town and need fuel. The Commissioners commended everyone for the work regarding the ambulance service. The ambulance barn is nearly complete; Lynne suggested spending the money to get the ambulance building thoroughly insulated.

The Commissioners met with Jim Harris; Lynne reported that Robert Uhler with the City of Fort Scott asked for the price for 14,000 ton of asphalt without chips. Jim estimated it to cost $45-$60/ton at the plant based on 2018 expenses. Justin said he would review the Attorney General’s opinion on this.

Nick made a motion to go into a 15 minute executive session regarding consultation with an attorney for the body or agency which would be deemed privileged in the attorney-client relationship, Jeff seconded and all approved, (the session included the Commissioners, Justin Meeks and Jim Harris). No action was taken.

The Commissioners agreed that if any department wants to plant flowers/plants in the flower beds at the Courthouse they could spend up to $100 for the cost of the flowers/plants.

Lynne made a motion that he signs a KWORCC loss prevention report, Nick seconded and all approved.

At 3:38, Lynne made a motion to adjourn, Nick seconded and all approved.



(ss) Lynne Oharah, Chairman

(ss) Jeff Fischer, Commissioner

(ss) Nick Ruhl, Commissioner


Kendell Mason, Bourbon County Clerk

04/09/2019, Approved Date

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