Bob Farmer Replaces Jeff Deane as Fort Scott City Attorney

Fort Scott City Hall.

Bob Farmer has returned as the Fort Scott City Attorney.

He previously served for 45 years in the position and started again on March 23, 2021.

“Since joining our office Mr. Farmer has been extremely accessible and responsive,” Fort Scott City Manager Jeremy Frazier said. “I feel that our relationship will strengthen over time as we work on behalf of the community and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Mr. Farmer.”

“The city attorney is a position by statute,” Farmer said. “The position is an officer, you have to sign an oath because it’s additional obligations above and beyond an employee. The general responsibilities are to give advice and protect the city in that capacity.”

In the agreement between Farmer and the city manager provided by the city,  it states that “the city attorney will represent the city in civil actions, prosecute violations of the city ordinances, give legal advice to city officials and employees on city matters, prepare ordinances, legal papers, and documents, assist with public improvement proceedings and assist the governing body and other city agencies in the conduct of city meetings.”

“For service in addition to normal duties, the city will pay the attorney his hourly billing rate on a per hour basis, plus all out of pocket expenses incurred…in areas such as litigation, economic development, claims filed with the city as an adjunct to litigation and out-of-city services,” according to the agreement.

The agreement is for one year, at $4,000 per month.

His office, the firm of Nuss and Farmer PA, is located at 323 Judson in the Security Professional Building and he can be reached at 620-223-0150.

Bob Farmer.

City Manager Frazier, who came to the position in February 2021, said he had the pleasure of meeting Farmer prior to the commission approving his contract, at Crooner’s Restaurant by chance, while at dinner one evening.

“He struck me as someone who cared about the community and offered, if ever I needed, to assist me with anything that would help me be more successful on behalf of the community,” Frazier said.  “I walked away from our initial encounter with a positive impression of Bob. Again, at this time, I had no idea that he would soon become our new city attorney, but I am glad that he submitted his name for consideration and was selected by the council.”

“It was undoubtedly a difficult decision by the council as there were many great candidates to consider,” Frazier said. “However, Bob is very knowledgeable and has held the city attorney position before, so I consider myself lucky to have his legal guidance. For a new city manager, it is great to have a city attorney of his caliber to lean on as we strive to move the city forward.”

In the community, Farmer has served previously in Fort Scott Kiwanis, as United Way Chairman, and the Fort Scott Planning Commission.

Farmer earned his Juris Doctorate in 1972 from the University of Kansas.

Farmer takes over from Jeffrey Deane, Lauber Municipal Law, LLC, Lee’s Summit, MO.

“Mr. Deane has assisted in the transition,” Farmer said. “He has been very courteous and professional.”

Deane served from 2019 to 2021 as the Fort Scott City Attorney.


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