Bartelsmeyer Jewelry Moves Downtown This Month

Bartelsmeyer Jewelry, 1519 S. National.
Bartelsmeyer Jewelry is moving from1519 South National Avenue to  22 North Main Street in downtown Fort Scott, on June 18.
Bartelsmeyer Jewelry, 22 N. Main Street.
“In February 2014, my wife Cindy and I purchased 22 North Main in downtown Fort Scott,” owner John Bartelsmeyer said. “Cindy had a dream of renovating the upstairs into a loft apartment that we could enjoy as we move towards our retirement years.”
“Now that we are moved into our apartment, we have enjoyed watching the new growth and life these past few years have brought to Fort Scott’s historic downtown area,” he said. “We are so excited to help continue this revitalization as we move our storefront back to Main street. We hope that the Fort Scott community is as excited as we are and will continue to be supportive of all our downtown business!”
“We are planning for our first day open at the new store to be June 18, 2021,” he said.
A sign on the door of the newly renovated space at 22 N. Main,  the site of the new Bartelsmeyer Jewelry store.
“We are planning to sell the store at 1519 S. National after we have moved to the new 22 North Main location,” he said. “We hope that the new business owners will enjoy this building as much as we have!”
A History of the Jewelry Store
“Our jewelry store has been in business operating under the name Bartelsmeyer Jewelry since 1963,” John Bartelsmeyer said. “However, our store was first opened under the name ‘F Whiles Jewelry & Watches’ in 1904. The store was later purchased by Ova Newberry who grew up with my father, M. H ‘Bart’ Bartelsmeyer. “
“They learned the watchmaking trade together as young men,” Bartelsmeyer said.  “Mr. Newberry asked my father to come and help him get caught up in 1939. My dad was on his way to go to work in Denver. He came to Fort Scott to help Ova, but they never got caught up. My father stayed and worked with Ova until he died in 1963.”
“Ova’s wife sold my dad the business and it became Bartelsmeyer Jewelry,” he said.
John Bartelsmeyer is the owner and bench jeweler of Bartelsmeyer Jewelry. Submitted photo.
Cindy Bartelsmeyer, and her husband John, are the owners of the business. Submitted photo.
Krysta Hulbert is the store manager. Submitted photo.
Jenna Bond is a sales associate. Submitted photo.
Emily Farrington is a sales associate. Submitted photo.
Anna Laubenstein is a sales associate. Submitted photo.
Employees currently are John Bartelsmeyer-owner and bench jeweler, Cindy Bartelsmeyer-owner, Krysta Hulbert-store manager,
Jenna Bond-sales associate, Emily Farrington-sales associate, Anna Laubenstein-sales associate,  and Julie Kibble-sales associate.

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  1. Recently we were in Fort Scott to attend a memorial service for a dear friend. I wanted to purchase a piece of fine jewelry in remembrance of the day. We went to Bartelsmeyer Jewelry and found the perfect piece with expert help. We also visited with John about family and friends. Felt like a real hometown visit. We wish John and Cindy well in moving their fine business to Main Street.

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