AD: Vote Democratic 2020

Vote Here sign at the Bourbon County Courthouse.

Vote Democratic


Democratic Party Values include:


Safe and Affordable Education for All



Health Care for All

Fair Wage for a Day’s Labor


Right to Vote for all Citizens


These candidates are fighting for your values in Bourbon County

Bourbon County Offices ——————————————

Mike Feagins – Sheriff

Mike Feagins. Submitted photo.

Phillip Hoyt – Commissioner, 3rd District

State Offices ————————————————————-

Bill Meyer – KS Representative, 4th District

Bill Meyer. Submitted photo.

Lynn Grant – KS Representative, 2nd District

Lynn Grant. Submitted photo.

Nancy Ingle – KS Senate, 13th District

Nancy Ingle. Submitted photo.

Mike Bruner – KS Senate, 12th District

Mike Bruner. Submitted photo.

National Offices ————————————————————————-

Michelle De La Isla — US Representative, 2nd District

Michelle De La Isla. Submitted photo.

Barbara Bollier – US Senate

Barbara Bollier. Submitted photo.

Joe Biden – US President

Joe Biden. Submitted photo.

Paid for by the Bourbon County Democratic Party; Shirley Palmer, Treasurer


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