Johnson’s “Super Poop” Business Began As A Hobby

Submitted photo.
Clint and Angela Johnson, Bronson, are the owners of Root 54.
Their business, in layman’s terms,  produces worm poop.
“Everything a worm eats gets digested and comes out as a worm casting,” said business owner Clint Johnson.  “Worm castings are packed with minerals that are essential for plant growth, such as concentrated nitrates, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It also contains manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, borax, iron, carbon, and nitrogen.”
“However, the best of all is that these minerals are immediately available to the plant, without the risk of ever burning the plant,” he said. “Remember that chemical fertilizers have to be broken down in the soil before the plant can absorb them.”
Interest started over 10 years ago when Clint read a book called ‘Worms eat my Garbage’, he said.
“I personally wanted to raise some worms because it looked like a fun hobby and wanted to use a better, more natural fertilizer for my garden,” he said.
Johnson made two eight-foot by three-foot worm beds in an old tin shed in his backyard.
He then got an idea.
” I casually posted a few ads on some social media platforms and within a short amount of time people were coming to buy our castings,” he said. ” We eventually could not keep up with demand, so after much thought, research, collaboration, and scientific testing we decided to partner with a few large worm farms we know very well.”
They have secured the rights to exclusively market their castings to make it their brand “Super Poop.”
“We sell 100% worm castings and compost,” Johnson said.  “Super Poop can be purchased in 20-pound bags at any one of our nine dealer locations across Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  You can also purchase large bulk amounts off of our lots here in Bronson.”
Submitted photos.
The back of a “Super Poop” bag. Submitted photos.
 “Our business is a family business, and we get a tremendous amount of support from our immediate family that lives in the area,” he said.
The Johnson family, from left Angela, Alison, Hunter, Clint, and in front, Jett. Submitted photo. The family works together on their business, Root 54.
Root 54 LLC, the Johnson business, was officially established on July 15, 2020.
“We had been selling worm castings out of our back yard for several years before opening the company,” Johnson said.
A couple of hands full of “Super Poop.” Submitted photos.
The Johnson’s grew up in the Bronson community.
“Our vision is to see it thrive for many more years,” he said. “We are always seeking ways to use the resources God has blessed us with, in the Bronson community, by lending a helping hand.  Occasionally, you will see our skid steer clearing driveways when it snows or helping our neighbors with heavy lifting and other tasks that are made easy with a machine.”
“There are several other small businesses in Bronson right now and all of them do a great job of being involved in our little town,” Johnson said.  “One of our goals here at Root 54, is to help create a better place for our children to grow up, and help out our small community the best way we can.”

The Johnson’s are looking at ways to expand and grow their brand, he said.

“First and foremost, we intend to add a bagged compost for our customers for the 2022 growing season, and have already started the process of designing a bag for it,” he said. ” The name of the compost will be kept in our back pocket until we unveil it later in 2021.”
 “Our future plans include adding super soil mixes and other high-quality soils to become a regionally/nationally recognized company,” Clint said.  “We are thankful for our loyal customers and the support the community has shown us, and look forward to serving them for many years to come.”
Contact the Johnson’s at  785-229-5217  or their website or on their Facebook Page-
The address 511 Pine St. Bronson, Ks 66716

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