Rosie’s Event Center Reopens Near Uniontown

Rosie’s Cabin and Event Center, 563 Maple Rd. is reopening for business.

Rosie’s Cabin and Event Center, 563 Maple Rd., Uniontown. There is a large lodge, seen on the right, and a small cabin, on the left, middle. Submitted photo.


At Christmas time with their extended family, Kelsey and Kaley Blythe decided to reopen Rosie’s Cabin and  Event Center.  The property is owned by Kaley’s parents, Bud and LeeBelle Blythe.

“We live here (on the property), Kelsey said. “And have such a beautiful scene. It would be crazy not to (reopen) it.”

“Kaley and I were married here in April (at the lodge at Rosie’s),” she said. “I changed jobs recently, but something was missing.”

The couple decided to take on the reopening of the event center that been purchased by the Blythe family in 2016. The Blythe’s ran the center briefly before closing it.

Kelsey and Kaley Blythe at the wedding at Rosie’s Event Center Lodge in April 2018. Submitted photo.

Kaley and Kelsey Blythe live on the property in Rosie’s cabin but plan on renting it out as needed.

“We live in Rosie’s Cabin, but we will leave it on the table (to rent), like an Airbnb,” Kelsey said. “It can be rented out for people who are renting for the weekend. We are updating the small cabin so that people can use it as a dressing room and a honeymoon suite, if desired, even for those that are renting just one day. ”

The lodge can be rented for a marriage ceremony and reception of up to 200 people, she said. There is no cutlery provided, but a refrigerator, stove, and microwave.

Rosie’s Event Center Lodge can accommodate up to 200 people. Submitted photo.

Local vendors will provide decorations, food, photography, etc.

“The location is pristine for the community,” Kelsey said. “And will help other people (vendors) make money as well.”

“I will be the manager and coordinating the events, here,” Kelsey said.

June 1 will be the first event at the center for 2019, she said.

The gazebo near the lake, just off the front porch at Rosie’s Event Center. Submitted photo.

To learn more, contact her at 620-644-2874.




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